Guided poster session

The guided poster session is scheduled on Friday, February 17, 2017 from 12:30 to 13:30 in the Poster exhibition hall (Banquet hall) on Level 2 at the CCIB.
At least one of the authors of the abstracts will be present in order to give a 1-2 minute summary of the major findings described in the poster. Poster session chairs will guide through the poster exhibition in pairs. Congress delegates being present during that time will enjoy the possibility to engage in poster discussions.
Please choose one of the below listed poster groups and follow the respective poster chairs (they will carry a button with the words “ECCO Poster Chair” as well as a sign indicating the poster group number and the topic). The starting poster of each group is indicated below – please make sure to be there at 12:30.

Guided poster sessions are chaired by:

Basic science:

Group 1 (starts at P001): Fiona Powrie, Oxford, United Kingdom & Sebastian Zeissig, Dresden, Germany
Group 2 (starts at P031): Jesús Rivera-Nieves, San Diego, United States & Azucena Salas, Barcelona, Spain
Group 3 (starts at P061): Arthur Kaser, Cambridge, United Kingdom & Gerhard Rogler, Zurich, Switzerland
Groupo 4 (starts at P091): Ferdinando Bonfiglio,      Stockholm, Sweden & Nik Sheng Ding, London, United Kingdom

Clinical: Diagnosis and outcome:

Group 5 (starts at P121): Filip Baert, Roeselare, Belgium & Jimmy Limdi, Manchester, United Kingdom
Group 6 (starts at P151): Fernando Magro, Porto, Portugal & John Mansfield, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Group 7 (starts at P180): Giovanni Maconi, Milan, Italy & Boris Vucelic, Zagreb, Croatia
Group 8 (starts at P209): Torsten Kucharzik, Lüneburg, Germany & Florian Rieder, Cleveland, United States
Group 9 (starts at P238): Yehuda Chowers, Haifa, Israel & Miquel Gassull, Barcelona, Spain
Group 10 (starts at P267): Matthieu Allez, Paris, France & Christianne Buskens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Group 11 (starts at P296): Johan Burisch, Hellerup, Denmark & Bruce Sands, New York, United States

Clinical: Therapy and observation:

Group 12 (starts at P325): Andreas Sturm, Berlin, Germany & Janneke van der Woude, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Group 13 (starts at P353): Glen Doherty, Dublin, Ireland & Pieter Hindryckx, Gent, Belgium
Group 14 (starts at P381): Laurence Egan, Galway, Ireland & Marieke Pierik, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Group 15 (starts at P409): Randi Opheim, Oslo, Norway & Tom Øresland, Lorenskog, Norway
Group 16 (starts at P437): Pierre Michetti, Lausanne, Switzerland & Herbert Tilg, Innsbruck, Austria
Group 17 (starts at P465): Daan Hommes, Los Angeles, United States & Charlie Lees, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Group 18 (starts at P493): Jaroslaw Kierkuś, Warsaw, Poland & Paulo Kotze, Curitiba, Brazil
Group 19 (starts at P521): Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Vandeouvre-les-Nancy, France & Konstantinos Katsanos, Ioannina, Greece
Group 20 (starts at P549): Peter Irving, London, United Kingdom & Pascal Juillerat, Bern, Switzerland
Group 21 (starts at P577): Javier Gisbert, Madrid, Spain & Janindra Warusavitarne, London, United Kingdom
Group 22 (starts at P605): Lesley Dibley, London, United Kingdom & Pierre Ellul, Sliema, Malta
Group 23 (starts at P633): Gianluca Sampietro, Milan, Italy & Rami Eliakim, Tel Aviv, Israel
Group 24 (starts at P661): Michel Adamina, Winterthur, Switzerland & Gerassimos Mantzaris, Athens, Greece


Group 25 (starts at P688): Vito Annese, Florence, Italy & Naila Arebi, Harrow, United Kingdom
Group 26 (starts at P720): Peter Lakatos, Budapest, Hungary & Nynne Nyboe Andersen,  Copenhagen, Denmark


Group 27 (starts at P752): Isabelle Cleynen, Leuven, Belgium & Miles Parkes, Cambridge, United Kingdom


Group 28 (starts at P766): Dirk Haller, Freising, Germany& Jeroen Raes, Gent, Belgium