Scientific Programme

The scientific programme is structured around basic science, translational medicine and clinical sessions, given by some of the world’s top specialists. It includes oral presentations of the best abstracts, the announcement of ECCO Fellowships and Grants and summary presentations of new ECCO Guidelines. The focus of all sessions is clinical practice founded on science, with practical messages to take home.
Scientific sessions are held from Thursday to Saturday, February 13-15, 2020. The congress registration fee includes access to all scientific sessions.

IBD beyond 2020

  • Plenary hall

    Industry Sponsored Lunch Satellite Symposia 1a, 1b & 1c
    12:15-12:20 Welcome
    Herbert Tilg, Innsbruck, Austria
    12:20-12:30 Opening
    Silvio Danese, Milan, Italy
    Scientific session 1: Hot debates in IBD
    Walter Reinisch, Vienna, Austria
    Nuha A. Yassin, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Is there still a place for anti-TNF in 2020?
    Tariq Ahmad, Exeter, United Kingdom
    Daniel W. Hommes, Leiden, The Netherlands
      12:50-13:00 Oral Presentation 1
    Early Crohn's: Surgery first and early medicine later?
    Alessandro Armuzzi, Rome, Italy
    André J. L. D'Hoore, Leuven, Belgium
      13:20-13:30 Oral Presentation 2
    13:30-13:40 Oral Presentation 3
    13:40-14:00 Monitoring IBD: Can we abandon endoscopy?
    Charlotte R. Hedin, Stockholm, Sweden
    Edouard Louis, Liège, Belgium
    14:00-14:30 Coffee break 
    14:30-16:00 Scientific session 2: When location makes the difference
    Johan Burisch, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Fernando J. Magro Dias, Porto, Portugal
      14:30-14:50 Colonic versus small bowel CD: Same mechanism - same treatment?
    Britta Siegmund, Berlin, Germany
      14:50-15:00 Oral Presentation 4
      15:00-15:20 Proctitis - a lonely disease?
    Timothy Raine, Cambridge, United Kingdom
      15:20-15:30 Oral Presentation 5
      15:30-15:40 Oral Presentation 6
      15:40-16:00 Surgery for enteric IBD - does location matter?
    Christianne J. Buskens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    16:00-17:20 Scientific session 3: Reducing the burden of IBD
    Nik J. S. Ding, Melbourne, Australia
    Javier Gisbert, Madrid, Spain
    16:00-16:20 Reducing infections with biologics and immune-modulators
    Shomron Ben-Horin, Tel Aviv, Israel
    16:20-16:40 Reducing neoplastic complications of therapy
    Laurent Beaugerie, Paris, France 
    16:40-16:50 Oral Presentation 7
    16:50-17:00 Oral Presentation 8
    17:00-17:20 Reducing postoperative complications
    Krisztina B. Gecse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    17:30-18:30 Digital Oral Presentations: Sessions 1-5
    Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposia 2a, 2b & 2c
  • Plenary hall

    07:15-08:15 Industry Sponsored Morning Satellite Symposia 3b & 3c
    08:30-10:30 Scientific Session 4: IBD out of the gut
    Lissy de Ridder, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    Gerassimos Mantzaris, Athens, Greece
    08:30-08:50 Orofacial Crohn's
    Shaji Sebastian, Hull, United Kingdom
    08:50-09:00 Oral Presentation 9
    09:00-09:10 Oral Presentation 10
    09:10-09:20 Oral Presentation 11
    09:20-09:40 Perianal disease or hidradenitis suppurativa - does it matter?
    Walter Reinisch, Vienna, Austria
    09:40-09:50 Oral Presentation 12
    09:50-10:00 Oral Presentation 13
    10:00-10:10 Oral Presentation 14
      10:10-10:30 Managing fatigue in IBD
    Axel Dignass, Frankfurt, Germany
    10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
    11:00-12:30 Scientific session 5: Cartels in IBD (Part 1)
    Iris Dotan, Petah Tikva, Israel
    Peter M. Irving, London, United Kingdom
      11:00-11:20 IBD genetics consortium
    Séverine Vermeire, Leuven, Belgium
    11:20-11:30 Oral Presentation 15
    11:30-11:50 Prevention initiatives
    Jean-Frédéric Colombel, New York, United States
    11:50-12:00 Oral Presentation 16
      12:00-12:10 Oral Presentation 17
    Oral Presentation 18
    Oral Presentation 19
    12:30-13:30 Break
    12:30-13:30 Guided poster session
    Industry Sponsored Lunch Satellite Smposia LS1, LS2, LS3 & LS4
    13:30-15:00 Scientific session 6: Cartels in IBD (Part 2)
    Filip J. Baert, Roeselare, Belgium
    Uri Kopylov, Tel Aviv, Israel
    13:30-13:50 Microbiome consortium
    Jeroen Raes, Leuven, Belgium
    13:50-14:00 Oral Presentation 20
      14:00-14:20 TDM consortium
    Konstantinos Papamichail, Boston, United States
    14:20-14:30 Oral Presentation 21
    14:30-14:40 Oral Presentation 22
    14:40-15:00 ECCO Quality Standards of Care
    Gionata Fiorino, Rozzano, Italy
    15:00-15:30 Coffee break
    15:30-16:10 Scientific session 7: Milestones in clinical care
    Jonas Halfvarson, Örebro, Sweden
    Susanna Jäghult, Stockholm, Sweden
    15:30-15:37 I-CARE
    Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Vandeouvre-Les-Nancy, France
    15:37-15:47 Oral Presentation 23
    15:47-15:54 UR-CARE
    Filip J. Baert, Roeselare, Belgium
    15:54-16:04 Oral Presentation 24
    16:04-16:10 IBD Nurse Education Programme
    Karen Kemp, Manchester, United Kingdom
    16:10-17:10 Scientific session 8: IBD Horizons
    Geert D'Haens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Stefan W. Schreiber, Kiel, Germany
    16:10-16:20 Oral Presentation 25
    16:20-16:30 Oral Presentation 26
    16:30-16:40 Oral Presentation 27
    16:40-16:50 Oral Presentation 28
    16:50-17:00 Oral Presentation 29
    17:00-17:10 Oral Presentation 30
    15:30-17:10 Scientific session 9: Basic Science: Big Data research
    Laurence Egan, Galway, Ireland
    Sebastian Zeissig, Dresden, Germany
    15:30-15:50 Pits and pearls of Big Data in scientific research: Computational analysis, deconvolution, machine learning and more
    Andre Franke, Kiel, Germany
    15:50-16:00 Oral Presentation 31
    16:00-16:10 Oral Presentation 32
    16:10-16:30 Integrating multi-omics in IBD
    Arthur Kaser, Cambridge, United Kingdom
    16:30-16:40 Oral Presentation 33
    16:40-16:50 Oral Presentation 34
    16:50-17:10 How Big Data changes medicine: Concrete examples for translating Big Data into daily clinical practice
    Yehuda Chowers, Haifa, Israel
    17:25-18:25 Digital Oral Presentations Sessions 6-10
    18:40-19:40 Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposia 4b, 4c & 4d
  • Plenary hall

    08:30-10:20 Scientific session 10: Multidisciplinary cases
    Dan Turner, Jerusalem, Israel
    Marc Ferrante, Leuven, Belgium
    Pierre Michetti, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Yves Panis, Clichy, France
    08:30-08:40 GRADE-ing Guidelines: ECCO CD Treatment
    Joana Tinoco da Silva Torres, Loures, Portugal
    Michel Adamina, Winterthur, Switzerland
      08:40-08:50 ECCO ESPGHAN Guideline Pitch on Paediatric CD (update)
    Patrick van Rheenen, Groningen, The Netherlands
    Frank Ruemmele, Paris, France
      08:50-09:00 Oral Presentation 35
      09:00-09:20 Clinical Case: Medical CD
    Remo Panaccione, Calgary, Canada
      09:20-09:30 Oral Presentation 36
      09:30-09:50 Clinical Case: Surgical CD
    Paulo G. Kotze, Curitiba, Brazil
      09:50-10:00 Oral Presentation 37
      10:00-10:20 Clinical Case: Paediatric CD
    Dan Turner, Jerusalem, Israel
    10:20-10:50 Coffee Break
    10:50-12:20 Scientific session 11: What have we got outside our box of drugs?
    Glen Doherty, Dublin, Ireland
    Julián Panés, Barcelona, Spain
    10:50-11:10 The multi-refractory paediatric patients: Out of the box therapeutic treatments
    David Wilson, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    11:10-11:20 Oral Presentation 38
    11:20-11:40 Drugs of the future: Update on developmental agents
    William Sandborn, San Diego, United States
    11:40-11:50 Oral Presentation 39
    11:50-12:00 Oral Presentation 40
    12:00-12:20 Pathology guided surgery
    Paula Borralho Nunes, Lisbon, Portugal
    Antonino Spinelli, Milan, Italy
    12:20-12:50 Scientific session 12: ECCO Lecture
    Silvio Danese, Milan, Italy
    Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Vandeouvre-Les-Nancy, France
    Janneke Christien van der Woude, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    12:20-12:50 ECCO Lecture: How organoids model human disease
    Hans Clevers, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    12:50-13:05 Awards and closing remarks
    13:05-13:15 ECCO Film