DOP Session 5

  • 17:30-18:30 Digital Oral Presentation Session 5 - Best surgical management of IBD
    Room: Lehar 4, Ground Floor, Congress Centre
    Antonino Spinelli, Milan, Italy
    Oded Zmora, Tel Aviv, Israel
      17:30-17:36 DOP037: Postoperative anti-TNF therapy is associated with a significant reduction of both endoscopic and clinical recurrence following surgery for ileocolonic Crohn's Disease: Results of a prospective nationwide cohort conducted by the GETAID chirurgie group
    L. Maggiori1, A. Brouquet2, P. Zerbib3, J. Lefevre4, Q. Denost5, A. Germain6, E. Cotte7, L. Beyer-Berjot8, N. Munoz-Bongrand9, V. Desfourneaux10, A. Rahili11, J.-P. Duffas12, K. Pautrat13, C. Denet14, V. Bridoux15, G. Meurette16, J.-L. Faucheron17, J. Loriau18, F. Guillon19, E. Vicaut20, Y. Panis1, S. Benoist2
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    3. CHRU Lille, Department of digestive surgery and transplantation, Lille, France 
    4. St Antoine Hospital, APHP, Digestive surgery, Paris, France 
    5. CHU Bordeaux, Digestive surgery, Bordeaux, France 
    6. CHRU Nancy, Digestive Surgery, Nancy, France 
    7. CHU Lyon-Sud, Digestive surgery, Lyon, France 
    8. CHU Marseille-Nord, Digestive surgery, Marseille, France 
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      17:36-17:42 DOP038: Postoperative outcome in 2890 patients following right hemicolectomy and ileo-cecal resection in colonic cancer and Crohn’s Disease: Results from ESCP-SECCO snapshot prospective audit 2015
    S. Dich Grandt
    2015 European Society of Coloproctology Collaborating Group
      17:42-17:48 DOP039: Exploring stoma rates in Crohn’s Disease in the biologic era: A population-based time trend analysis
    C. Ma, P.G. Kotze, A. Almutairdi, D. Tanyngoh, C. Seow, K. Novak, C. Lu, R. Panaccione, G. Kaplan
    University of Calgary, IBD unit, division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Calgary, Canada
      17:48-17:54 DOP040: Five-year colectomy data from the Observational Postmarketing Ulcerative Colitis Study, a European registry for adults with Ulcerative Colitis treated with originator infliximab or conventional therapy
    J. Panés
    , J.O. Lindsay2, N. Teich3, 4, S. Lindgren5, J.-F. Colombel6, F. Cornillie7, H. Ann Flynn8, S. Huyck8, P. Stryszak8, R. Yao8, G. Philip8, W. Reinisch9
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      17:54-18:00 DOP041: Surgery and hospitalisation in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease; 10 years follow-up of a Danish population-based inception cohort
    B. Lo
    1, I. Vind1, F. Bendtsen1, M. Vester-Andersen1, 2, J. Burisch1
    1. Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre, The Gastro Unit, Medical Division, Hvidovre, Denmark
    2. Zealand University Hospital, Medical Department, Køge, Denmark
      18:00-18:06 DOP042: Need for ileocaecal resections, but not ileo-colic re-resections, has decreased – a nationwide study of temporal trends in Crohn surgery in Sweden 1990-2014
    D. Kalman1, C. Nordenvall2, A. Hallqvist Everhov3, M.C. Sachs4, J.F. Ludvigsson5, A. Ekbom6, P. Myrelid1, O. Olén7
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       18:06-18:12 DOP043: Comparative outcomes of ileal pouch revision vs. excision for pouch failure within the American College of Surgeon National Surgical Quality Improvement Programme
    S. Holubar1, P. Neary2, S. Shawki2, A. Aiello2, C. Delaney2, S. Steele2, T. Hull2, L. Stocchi2
    1. Cleveland Clinic, Department of Colon & Rectal Surgery, Cleveland, United States
    2. Cleveland Clinic, Clinical Transformation, Cleveland, United States
      18:12-18:18 DOP044: Efficacy, safety and long-term outcome of endoscopic dilation therapy for Crohn’s Disease strictures of the upper gastrointestinal tract – an international multicentre cohort study including 99 patients with 129 dilation procedures
    D. Bettenworth1, 2, M. Mücke3, A. Singh4, R. Lopez5, M. Goetz6, T. Matsui7, J.G. Karstensen8, N.S. Ding9, T.B. Qiu9, J. Hampe10, K. Matthes10, P.V. Valli111, F. Guo12, W. Zhu13, G. Rogler11, F. Rieder14, 15

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      18:18-18:24 DOP045: Combination therapy with anti-TNF and immunosuppressive therapies is the most effective medication to prevent and treat endoscopic postoperative recurrence in patients with Crohn’s Disease
    A. Buisson1,2, L. Cannon3, K. Umanskiy3, R.D. Hurst3, N.H. Hyman3, A. Sakuraba4, J. Pekow4, S. Dalal4, R.D. Cohen4, B. Pereira5, D.T. Rubin4
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