N-ECCO Network Meeting

N-ECCO Network Meeting

Since 2007, the ECCO IBD nurses (N-ECCO) have organised an annual Network Meeting aimed at European nurses working in the field of IBD (specialist nurses, practitioners, and study/research nurses), which takes place prior to the main ECCO Congress. The N-ECCO Network Meeting provides educational and networking opportunities and covers all aspects of IBD with a mix of presentations from nursing, medical, surgical and paediatric specialties. It has been well attended with attendance increasing every year.

The meeting attracted more than 270 interested IBD nurses in Barcelona in 2017.

Upcoming N-ECCO Network Meeting

The 13th N-ECCO Network Meeting will take place at the 14th Congress of ECCO in Copenhagen.

Mar 7, 2019
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Past N-ECCO Network Meetings

Report: pdf10th N-ECCO Network Meeting, Amsterdam 2016

Report: pdf9th N-ECCO Network Meeting, Barcelona 2015

Report: pdf8th N-ECCO Network Meeting, Copenhagen 2014

Report: pdf7th N-ECCO Network Meeting, Vienna 2013

Report: pdf6th N-ECCO Network Meeting,Barcelona 2012

Report: pdf5th N-ECCO Network Meeting, Dublin 2011


Post N-ECCO Events

Look out for post N-ECCO events! These meetings have taken place in the past year run by N-ECCO National Representatives in the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany. These should be set up with the knowledge of ECCO to provide an overview of the learning from ECCO and N-ECCO of that year. Post N-ECCO also serves as a means of spreading the word of ECCO and N-ECCO!


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