School for Clinical Trialists

School for Clinical Trialists

At the 12th Congress of ECCO in 2016, N-ECCO and ClinCom launched together the 1st edition of the School for Clinical Trialists, tailored towards Clinical and IBD nurses, and also allied health professionals. The School for Clinical Trialists is now fully organised by ClinCom and takes place every other year.

With this Course, ECCO intends to offer delegates who have an interest in clinical trials the possibility to learn more about setting up and running clinical trials, clinical trial terminology and processes, and to address issues such as patient recruitment. Furthermore, delegates will be provided with tips and tricks for within the IBD clinical research team. The aim of the School for Clinical Trialists is to ultimately improve education on clinical trials.


Upcoming School for Clinical Trialists

The 3rd School for Clinical Trialists - Clinical Trial Evolution and Recruitment in IBD - took place at the 14th Congress of ECCO in 2019. 

Mar 6, 2019
Clinical trial coordinators, IBD nurses, Allied health professionals
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