EpiCom Workshop

EpiCom Workshop

The Epidemiological Committee has launched a new educational activity at the 7th Congress of ECCO in Barcelona 2012: The EpiCom Workshop’s focus is on the design and execution of epidemiological trials in IBD. The primary objective of the workshop is to explain the design and methodology of epidemiological studies. The course is designed for specialists and junior scientists with special interest to epidemiology.
Participants to the workshop go home with full knowledge on how to set up a feasible trial, how to handle biologic material and how to deal with ethical requirements as of today.

The EpiCom Workshop is a biannual event that took place at the 11th Congress of ECCO 2016 again.

Upcoming EpiCom Workshop

The 4th EpiCom Workshop will take place at the 13th Congress of ECCO.

Physicians, Surgeons, Paediatricians, IBD nurses
Regular/Y-ECCO/IBD Nurse Membership

Programmes of past EpiCom Workshops

pdfEpiCom_Workshops_Programmes Update 13_04_16.pdf

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