Toolkits for Therapies in IBD

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  • Gratefully acknowledging the unrestricted educational grant from Shire
  • Toolkits are meant to serve as a checklist for daily use by clinicians
  • Can be applied at a local level to improve patient care with IBD
  • Acts as a framework and explains mechanisms by which auditable standards can be translated into practice
  • Practice varies not just per country, but according to centres so that the checklist suggests ranges instead of one fixed value
  • Due to the lack of data for many points of practice, a Consensus procedure (including two online voting rounds) was used to quantify expert opinion
  • Available as a download in exchange for registering the email address in order to allow a follow-up survey later on
  • Open to amendment and revision to make them useful in practice in response to feedback from clinicians

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Important Disclaimer

  • This checklist consists of recommendations designed to inform every day practice.
  • Many recommendations are not supported by controlled trials and practice may differ between countries. The Toolkits for Therapies in IBD Checklist is based on an international Consensus process and relates to ECCO Consensus Guidelines ( Treatment decisions remain a matter for the individual clinician, their patient and the clinical context: they should not be based exclusively on the content of this Toolkit.
  • The IBDIM-IBD in Motion Ltd (as Research Unit of the European Crohn´s and Colitis Organisation) and/or any of its staff members and/or any project contributor cannot be held liable for any information published in good faith in the Toolkits for therapies in IBD Checklist.

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