Clinical Care

Capturing the extension of disease of today’s patients and their history

Clinical Care Menu Image

UR-CARE offers comprehensive data collection for patients diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and unclassified IBD through extensive forms, as illustrated by the image of the UR-CARE menu on the left.

Once the patient file has been created, the physician can easily navigate through the different forms and fill-in the variables relevant to the patient. There is a limited number of required variables; further clinical information can be entered in the relevant forms as necessary.

Using the Follow-Up form, the physician can enter further clinical information collected during consultations (e.g. laboratory tests and general condition of the patient) whilst having an overview of the latest procedures (such as last: endoscopy, imaging, surgical treatments, active treatments, etc.).

For enhanced user convenience, UR-CARE also automatically calculates various values (e.g. SES-CD) based on the information entered by the physician.




Graphic representation of statistics

UR-CARE allows creation of descriptive statistics and graphs based on all patient files of the physican's centre or on a subset of files extracted with the filter tool.

Based on the fields selected by the physician, the results can be shown as descriptive statistics, bar chart or pie charts. The charts can be downloaded in different formats.

Biologic Type Graph

Behaviour of CD Graph

Data can be exported, allowing transfer possibilities and high mobility with continuity of care.