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Wednesday 206ECCO e-Corner

Visit the ECCO e-Corner to discover the below mentioned ECCO Initiatives at one of the computer terminals. The ECCO Office Team will be happy to assist and will gladly answer your questions.

e-CCO Learning Platform

  • e-Courses
  • e-Guide
  • e-Library
  • Talking Heads
  • Educational Audio Podcasts
  • Congress special: Open access for all congress delegates.

    ECCO e-Guide

    The ECCO e-Guide is an expanding collection of algorithms based on the published ECCO guidelines and is managed by the Guidelines Commitee (GuiCom). The content is based on the most recent published ECCO guidelines (currently 2014 except where specified) and has been ratified by ECCO. The content will be updated in conjunction with publication of new ECCO statements and new guidelines and guideline updates.

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    ECCO IBD Curriculum

    ECCO's Educational Committee and the e-Learning Taskforce have prepared an IBD Curriculum that will serve as the framework for ECCO's educational activities, particularly the e-CCO e-learning tools. The goal was to create a concise yet complete curriculum, outlining what gastroenterologists need to know to develop expertise in the IBD field.

    Congress specialOpen access at the ECCO Booth.

    ECCO Educational Audio Podcasts

    The ECCO Educational Audio Podcasts comprise a series of audio recordings each dealing with a specific area of the management of patients with IBD. The goal is to provide a 5-10 minute introduction to a specialised topic delivered by a recognised expert in the field that can be listened to in an informal and relaxed setting. They are designed to be expert opinion rather than cover the entire evidence base of the specific topic. 

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    JCC - Journal of Crohn's and Colitis

    The official journal of ECCO, concerned with the dissemination of knowledge on clinical, basic science and innovative methods related to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Impact Factor 2016 of 5.813, ranked highly in Gastroenterology & Hepatology.

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    ECCO'18 Abstracts

    Congress specialBrowse the Abstract Book at the ECCO Booth.

    Friday 097Experience ECCO

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  • Talking Heads
  • Educational Audio Podcasts
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