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P350. Incidence of inflammatory bowel disease in Kaunas region, Lithuania: A prospective three year study

G. Kiudelis, L.V. Jonaitis, A. Zvirbliene, R. Kucinskiene, A. Tamelis, R. Kregzdyte, K. Adamonis, L. Kupcinskas

Kaunas University of Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania

Background: There is very little data about epidemiology of IBD in Eastern-Northern part of Europe. Last 20 years of intensive westernization of the region and observations in clinical practice suggest the probable trend in increase of these disorders. Aim of the study was to evaluate the incidence of inflammatory bowel disease in Kaunas city and region.

Patients and Methods: This was a prospective study, conducted during the period of three years (2007–2009). Patients were included from Kaunas city and region which have 381,300, mostly urban inhabitants. All practicing gastroenterologists and endoscopists in the area participated in the study. Patients with only new diagnosis were included. Diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and Cohn's disease were made strictly according to Copenhagen criteria, if all three were present.

Results: Overall 108 new IBD cases were diagnosed during study period, 87 having UC, 16 – CD, 5 – indeterminated colitis (IC). Age and sex standardized incidence was calculated for each year of study period. Incidence of UC was respectively: 10.006, 7.739 and 10.864. For all study perod – 28.572. Incidence of CD was: 1.424, 1.628 and 2.297. For all study perod-5.344. Incidence of IC was respectively: 0.70, 0.296 and 0.607, and 1.601 for all three year period. Patient's age at onset of the disease was: UC – 49.95±17.03, IC – 49.8±17.71 and CD – 34.94±10.37.

Conclusions: Incidence of ulcerative colitis in Kaunas region is relatively high and comparable to some areas in Western Europe, though incidence of CD remains low and very similar to areas in southern Europe, reported 15 years ago. Onset of the diseases seems to be more late then reported in western industrialized countries.