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N005. Health status of patients with inflammatory bowel disease treated with infliximab

A. Olsson, A. Storlåhls

Karolinska University Hospital, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden

Background: Questionnaires are a common and useful way to gather data pertaining to patients' health status. According to several studies, the health status of IBD patients is affected negatively, measured by SF-36 and IBDQ.

Short Health Scale (SHS) is used at the Department of Gastroenterology, Karolinska, Solna to measure patients health status with IBD during IFX treatment. The purpose is to study if the patients' own evaluation of their health status during treatment is affected.

Method: SHS is a self-administered disease-specific questionnaire. It measures patient health by four different parameters; symptoms, social function, disease related worry and general wellbeing. Patient respons on a 100 mm visual analogue scale where low values on the scale indicates good health status. Forty-seven patients who started IFX treatment and who were expected to have a continued benefit from this treatment, filled in the questionnaire (SHS) before treatment, during treatment (at the 3rd infusion) and at the last time of infusion.

Results: A total of 47 patients were studied, 28 men and 19 women, medium age 39 (19–64 years of age). The diagnosis was distributed between Morbus Crohn (n = 40) and ulcerative colitis (n = 7). Median number of infusions was 14 (4–44) corresponding to an average of 3 years of treatment. The table shows the results at the three recording sessions. Each parameter is reported with mean values and distribution spread, with a possible spread of 0–100.

Short Health ScaleBefore treatmentDuring treatmentLast treatment
Question 1:
How severe are the symptoms of your bowel disease?
53 (0–100)20 (0–98)11 (0–96)
Question 2:
How do symptoms from your bowel disease affect your function in daily life?
63 (0–100)22 (0–100)12 (0–100)
Question 3:
How much worry does your bowel disease cause?
70 (0–100)35 (0–100)18 (0–100)
Question 4:
What is your general sense of well-being?
55 (2–100)26 (0–86)16 (0–88)

Conclusion: SHS is easy to use for measuring health status in IBD in the routine clinical setting, compared with other questionnaires. At the start of treatment all patients exhibited higher values on all questions compared with the later recording sessions, showing that maintenance treatment with IFX will improve the health status of retaining power.