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N012. The value and feedback of an open information event for those affected by inflammatory bowel disease

H. Middleton1, M. O'Connor1, T. Tyrrell1, 1St Mark's Hospital, IBD Unit, Middlesex, United Kingdom


St Mark's Hospital patient panel has been running since 2009 and have recommended some positive changes to patient services over this time. The panel decided that an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) open day event would be beneficial in raising awareness of IBD, but also provide the patient panel with the opportunity to recruit more members.


The agenda was agreed within the patient panel meetings and with the help of pharmaceutical sponsorship and free catering, the event was well publicised with attendance of over 150 people.

Content of the day included:

  • The history of St Mark's Hospital
  • General information on IBD
  • Current medical and surgical treatment options for IBD
  • IBD services at St Mark's Hospital
  • Opportunity to meet staff and patient panel members
  • Opportunity to meet patient groups such as representatives from Crohn's and Colitis UK and Crohn's in Childhood Research Association (CICRA).


The open day was extremely well received and feedback was positive, with 100% of attendees reporting it to have been beneficial, declaring it a valuable opportunity to learn more about IBD and meet the St Mark's team. Of the 160 delegates that did attended about 30% were not patients of St. Mark's, but came to learn more about IBD, including many parents of children with IBD who were under the care of paediatric services elsewhere.

Forty per cent of the delegates were already patients of St. Mark's Hospital with a further 25% consisting of relatives/carer's or family members of those affected by IBD.

Of the delegates that attended 20% were interested in joining the St Mark's patient panel and their contact details were given voluntarily to the chair of the patient panel. Given the high number of delegates that were not patients of St Mark's, 50% were not interested in joining the patient panel.


Due to the success of the open day event, it is planned that St Mark's patient panel will organise an annual information day. The delegate feedback will generate the agenda for future events.

Patient engagement is a key focus of the current NHS ( This patient panel event highlights the important influence patients and the public can have on service improvement.