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P634. Incidence of microscopic colitis 2008–2011 in central Östergötland, Sweden. Evidence for an increase?

N. Daferera1, S. Almer1, A. Münch1, 1University Hospital, Gastroenterology, Linköping, Sweden


Microscopic colitis (MC) is a common cause of chronic, non-bloody diarrhoea with the subtypes collagenous colitis (CC) and lymphocytic colitis (LC). The incidence for both subtypes has been described to be stable during the years 1999–2008, with annual rates of 5/105 inhabitants in Örebro, Sweden. These data were corroborated by another study in South Sweden. We present for the first time epidemiological data of MC from Linköping, Östergötland during a more recent time period.


All patients from central Östergötland that were diagnosed with MC during the years 2008–2011 were included. The primary catchment area was 1.7×105 inhabitants in the year 2010.


MC was found in 92 patients (CC=44, LC=48). The mean age was 65 years (range 29–87 years) for CC and 64 years (range 29–85) for LC. The female/male ratio was 6:1 for CC and 2:1 for LC. The annual incidence was calculated to be 6.6/105 inhabitants for CC and 7.3/105 for LC, respectively.


Compared to data from other parts of Sweden our results seem to indicate a rising incidence of MC in our region. Continuous epidemiological studies are necessary to confirm a progress and to elucidate possible underlying factors.