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P647. Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of IBD in a Moroccan cohort

S. Arazzakou1, W. Badre1, I. Sidki1, T. Mohamed1, F. Haddad1, W. Hliwa1, S. Nadir1, B. Ahmed1, R. Alaoui1, 1University Hospital Center IBN ROCHD, Gastro Enterology, Casablanca, Morocco


There is no data available about the incidence and prevalence of IBD in Morocco, this study was performed to elucidate the epidemiological and clinical characteristics in Moroccan IBD patients.


This monocentric study was conducted from January 2005 to June 2012 in a tertiary referral center of Gastroenterology.


During 7 years we included 374 patients: 225 CD, 119 UC and 30 inclassified colitis. There were 41% female in CD and 58% in UC. Mean age at diagnosis were 36 years for CD and 35 for UC. Smoking was noted in 57% of CD patients and 15% of UC patients. Ten pts had received antituberculous medication and 8 patients had a first-degree relatives with a IBD. The mean duration of disease was 6.5 y in CD and 1.4 y in UC. At the moment of diagnosis 63% CD patients had diarrhea and 58% abdominal pain. The main symptoms in the UC patients was blood in stool 95%. Fulminant disease at the beginning was observed in 18% UC patients and 5% CD patients. Localisation and behaviour of CD by Montreal classification showed: L3: 50%, L2: 16%, L1: 18%, L4: 1.7%, L3+L4: 4% and B1: 38.5%, B2: 10%, B3: 23%, p: 28.5%. In UC: there were 17% of pancolitis, 41% of distal and 15% of left-sided colitis. About 44% of CD pts underwent surgery and 5% of UC. Medical treatement in CD was: 5ASA 38%; azathioprine 35%; Corticosteroides 20% and IFX 2%. In UC pts: 5 ASA 80%; azathioprine 11% and corticosteroises 65%.


Clinical biological and morphological features are similar to those reported in the litterature. The main therapy is still 5ASA and AZA. There is still 20% of patients treated with corticosteroids. Very small number of patients were on biologics because of the difficulty of accessing IFX that's why probably we have a very high number of patients operated.