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P656. Decision-making on pregnancy in female inflammatory bowel disease patients

J. Baars1, J. Hoekstra1, A. van Roon1, M. Kimmel1, A. van Tilburg1, R. West1, 1Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, Rotterdam, Netherlands


IBD has a high prevalence among young women in their reproductive years. Typically, uncertainties and questions regarding the influence of their diease and therapy on pregnancy are of great concern to IBD-patients. A recent study reported that IBD patients refrain from having children due to concerns about adverse reproductive outcomes. Few data is available on patients' decision-making on this issue en most studies are based on selected tertiary care patients with chronic severe disease. However, many IBD patients are treated in general hospitals. We therefore assessed the decision-making concerning pregnancy in women with IBD in a large general hospital in The Netherlands.


All women with IBD under regular control in our hospital were asked to anonymously complete a survey regarding their disease and decision-making concerning pregnancy. Results are reported by descriptive statistics.


In total, 177 patients completed the survey, of whom 72 (41%) had Ulcerative Colitis, 102 (59%) Crohn's disease (CD), and 3 indeterminate colitis. Median age was 44 years old (IQR 35–57). Median age at diagnosis of IBD was 30 yrs old (IQR 23–42.5) and 152 (86%) used any kind of medication. One third of patients had had counseling on pregnancy of IBD (N = 22) of whom 6 (11%) were dissatisfied on the quality. In total, 126 (71%) females had ever been pregnant, of whom 70 (55%) had been pregnant before diagnosis of IBD and 59 (44%) after diagnosis of IBD. In total, 118 (67%) patients decided not to get pregnant after their diagnosis of IBD. In 78% of the patients who did not get pregnant it was a well-made decision, whereas 2 (7%) patients made this decision due to their disease.


In our cohort of female IBD patients in a large general hospital IBD seems not of major influence on women's decision-making on getting pregnant. Reasons for conscious unwanted pregnancies were only in a few cases related to their disease.