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P660. Clinical characteristics of new onset IBD: report from the web based Registry of Italian Group for IBD

A. Redaelli1, M. Milla2, R. D'Incà3, F. Sasso4, A. Orlando5, D. Valpiani6, A. Cirillo4, R. Pica7, A. Geccherle8, V. Annese2, on behalf of IG-IBD, 1Gastronterology, Monza, Italy, 2Gastroenterology, Florence, Italy, 3Gastroenterology, Padua, Italy, 4Gastroenterology, Naples, Italy, 5Gastroenterology, Palermo, Italy, 6Gastroenterology, Forlì, Italy, 7Gastroenterology, Rome, Italy, 8Gastroenterology, Negrer-Verona, Italy


Data on epidemiology and clinical characteristics of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Italy are scanty, therefore a web-based platform has been set up by the Italian Group for IBD (IG-IBD).


Thirty-two community and referral centers of gastroenterology with dedicated IBD units have been connected through the IG-IBD with a web-based platform. Consecutive patients starting from 1st January 2010 up to 31st December 2011 with new diagnosis of IBD, according to established criteria, have been included in the data base and analyzed.


A total number of 506 new patients with IBD have been diagnosed. 255 had Crohn's disease (CD), 150 male (M:F 1.4), mean age at symptoms onset 25+12 yrs, mean age at diagnosis 28+11 yrs. According to Montreal's classification the localization was 53%, 21%, 24%, and 2% for L1, L2, L3, and L4 respectively. The disease behavior was 90%, 6%, 4%, 4x% for B1, B2, B3, and p, respectively. Therapy at one year from diagnosis was 45%, 49%, 28%, and 18% for mesalazine, steroids, immune-suppressors (IMS) and anti-TNF-alpha, respectively. In 35 (13%) of patients a surgical resection was needed within the first year from diagnosis, occurring at the time of diagnosis in 20 patients (8%). 225 had Ulcerative Colitis (UC), 133 male (M:F 1.4), mean age at symptom onset 27+15 yrs, mean age at diagnosis 29+13 yrs. Extension of disease was 13%, 51%, and 36% for E1, E2, and E3, respectively. Therapy within one year from diagnosis was 98%, 47%, 14%, and 10% with mesalazine, steroids, IMS, and anti-TNF-alpha, respectively. Only one patients with UC (0.4%) underwent a colectomy within one year. 26 patients were diagnosed as IBD-unclassified; 17 male (M:F 1.9), mean age at symptoms onset 26+6 yrs, mean age at diagnosis 28+6 yrs. At first year of follow-up diagnosis was changed in 7% of cases, mainly from IBDU to CD.


At this first interrogation of the registry, one year after diagnosis, patients with CD have a more aggressive clinical course (remission 35% vs 45% UC, p < 0.01).

IG-IBD Investigators/Centers not included in the authorships: V. Savarino (Genova), F. Costa (Pisa), A. Lanzini (Brescia), A. Bortoli (Rho), P. Paoluzi (Roma), C. Papi (Roma), M. Vecchi (S. Donato-Mi), A. Gasbarrini (Roma), F. Bossa (S. Giovanni R), W. Fries (Messina), S. Saibeni (Milano), F. Pallone (Roma), A. Ferronato (Vicenza), G. Grasso (Varese), A. Kohn (Roma), M. Cappello (Palermo), F. Magnolfi (Arezzo), G. Basilisco (Milano), A. Armuzzi (Roma), L. Benazzato (Verona), R. Sablich (Pordenone), G. Inserra (Catania), A. Azzarone (Bari).