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P665. Association of drugs and autoimmune diseases in patients diagnosed with microscopic colitis

J. Martínez Cadilla1, P. Estevez Boullosa1, D. Carpio2, A. Carmona3, R. Fernandez4, A. Tardio4, S. Pereira1, M.L. De Castro1, D. Martínez Ares1, A. Fernandez Villaverde3, 1C.H.U.V.I, Gastroenterology, Vigo, Spain, 2C.H. Pontevedra, Gastroenterology, Pontevedra, Spain, 3Hospital POVISA, Gastroenterology, Vigo, Spain, 4C.H.U.V.I, Anatomic Pathologic, Vigo, Spain


Microscopic colitis (MC) predominantly affects to middle and old age population, where consumption of drugs is more common. Some drugs have been suggested as causative or triggering agent of MC. Various autoimmune conditions are often seen in patients with MC. The aim of our study is to assess the epidemiological characteristics and the association between MC, drugs and autoimmune disease in our region.


A retrospective and descriptive study of all patients diagnosed with (MC) within 01.01.2009–31.12.2011 where conducted. We included patients diagnosed with collagenous colitis (CC), lymphocytic colitis (LC) and incomplete microscopic colitis (MCi).


We retrospectively analyzed 44 new cases diagnosed in the last three years, in four tertiary hospitals catering to a population of 838,000 people. The incidence rate of microscopic colitis that we observed, inhabitants aged 15 years or over, is 1.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants per year. The majority of cases happened in females (72%). The median age of diagnosis of the disease is 62 years-old. 38% of patients were older than 70 years, and no one were younger than 30 years at the time of diagnosis. Histologic examination shows the same incidence for both types (LC and CC) 40%. 74% of patients were taking any of these drugs: Proton Pump Inhibitors therapy (PPI), selective serotonin reuptake inibitors (SSRI), statins or non steroidal antiinflammtory drugs (NSAIDs). The association with autoimmune diseases is 20%, being reumatoid arthritis the most commonly associated disease (33%), in this group, the most common histology is the LC (70%).


There is a high percentage of patients diagnosed with MC taking PPI, statins drugs, NSAIDs or SSRIs. We observe that reumatoid arthritis is the most common autoimmune disease associated with the diagnosis of microscopic colitis in our patients.