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P005. Transcriptome of intestinal epithelial barrier genes in the colonic mucosa from patients with ulcerative colitis

G. Fonseca-Camarillo, J. Yamamoto-Furusho, IBD Clinic, Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Medicas y Nutricion, Gastroenterology, Mexico, Mexico


Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic intestinal disorder of unknown etiology. Defects in the intestinal epithelial barrier function have been observed in IBD. It is now becoming evident that an aberrant epithelial barrier function plays a central role in the pathophysiology of IBD. Truncated forms of the adherens junction protein E-cadherin (encoded by CDH1) are associated with Crohn's disease. Genes involved in the epithelial barrier function (ECM1, LAMB1, and CDH1) have also been genetically associated with ulcerative colitis. However, the genes of UPR expression in ulcerative colitis (UC) patients has not been yet described.

Aim: To study the transcriptome panel of genes (ECM1, LAMB1, and CDH1) in the colonic mucosa from Ulcerative Colitis (UC) patients.


We studied a total of 60 patients with definitive diagnosis of UC (30 active and 30 in remission) and healthy control group (N = 30) without endoscopic evidence of intestinal inflammation. In all groups, the ECM1, LAMB1 and CDH1 gene expression were measured by real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR):

ECM1: Genebank, NM_004425.3 Oligonucleotides 3′-ctgtccccctccaaaaagag, 5′-atggagctggcgttcctt, Probe #67;

LAMB1: Genebank NM_002291.2 Oligonucleotides 3′-caacagatgtgcacctggaa, 5′-gcactcacaaggtttgcatc, Probe #57;

CDH1: Genebank, NM_004360.3 Oligonucleotides 3′-gccgagagctacacgttca, 5′-gaccggtgcaatcttcaaa, Probe #80.

Expression of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase:

GAPDH: Genebank NM_0020463 Oligonucleotides 3′-agccacatcgctcagacac, 5′-gcccaatacgaccaaatcc, Probe #60).

A housekeeping gene was analyzed for normalization purposes and quality controls.


LAMB1 gene expression was decreased in remission UC compared to active UC patients and controls (, P = 0.024 and p = 0.03, respectively). CDH1 expression was increased in colonic mucosa from patients with active UC when compared with control group (P = 0.043 and P = 0.05). Conversely, the ECM1 expression was decreased in patients with active UC compared to UC patients in remission and the control group (P = 0.05 and P = 0.003, respectively). The ECM1 levels were decreased in UC remission compared to the normal control group (P = 0.017).


The transcriptome of intestinal epithelial barrier genes (CDH1, LAMB1 and ECM1) is altered in the colonic mucosa from patients with UC, suggesting that these genes could be involved in the pathogenesis of UC.