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P051. Interleukin 22 and interleukin 23R gene expression in Crohn's disease: preliminary results

N. Ben Mustapha, A. Labidi, Y. Kardous, M. Serghini, M. Fekih, J. Boubaker, A. Filali, La Rabta Hospital, Gastroenterology A, Tunis, Tunisia


A causal role was recently attributed to inflammation in many diseases, the inflammatory mediators like cells and cytokines, which are involved in inflammatory disease including Crohn's disease (CD), have both tissue-protective and inflammatory effects in the gut.

Aim: To investigate the expression level of the Th17 related cytokines: IL2 and the IL23 receptor. these levels were compared between inflamed and non inflamed colonic tissue from biopsies in the same patients.


The molecular analysis of these genes was performed on 20 Tunisian patients with known Crohn's disease who underwent a coloscopy between March 2012 to September 2012 in our department. Biopsies from inflammed and non-inflammed tissue of each patient were collected during colonoscopy after legal consent. The mRNA expression level of each gene was determinate by RT-PCR. IL22 and IL23R mRNA expression was normalized to beta-actin expression in the respective DNA preparation.


Twenty patients were colliged. Median age was 45 years, disease location was colonic in ratio of 85% with a moderate flare in most cases. Evaluation of mRNA expression levels in colonic and control samples revealed that IL22 and IL23R were significantly over expressed in inflamed tissue versus non-inflammed (p = 0.000087 for IL23R and p = 0.0000033 for IL22).


This is the first study demonstrating that tissue inflammation in CD patients is clearly associated with increased expression levels of Th17 related cytokines: IL22 and IL23R.