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P101. Vitamin D deficiency in inflammatory bowel disease patients

H.T. Kani1, N. Demircan1, D. Yazici2, E. Bicakci3, M. Banzragch3, O. Atug3, H. Over Hamzaoglu3, N. Imeryuz3, H. Akin3, 1Marmara University, School of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey, 2Marmara University, School of Medicine, Endocrine and Metabolism, Istanbul, Turkey, 3Marmara University, School of Medicine, Gastroenterology, Istanbul, Turkey


Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a chronic reccurent inflammatory disease of gastrointestinal tract which has an unkown etiology. Vitamin D deficiency would play a role in disease activity because of its immunmodulatory effect. In this study we investigasted frequency of vitamin D deficiency of our IBD patient cohort.


The data collected from registered patients who are followed-up by IBD outpatient clinic between january 1995 and november 2013 in our university hospital. Calcium, phosporus, albumin, parathormon (PTH) and lowest vitamin D levels scanned from hospital computer database and patient files. Datas analyzed with SPSS 20.


We reached 371 patients' vitamin D levels. 186 (50.1%) patients were female, 185 (49.9%) patients were male. Median age was 41.93±13.50 years. 149 (40.2%) patients were Crohn disease (CD), 222 (59.8%) were ulcerative colitis (UC). Mean 25-hydroxy-vitamin D level was 17.34±10.35 ug/L. Fifteen patients had vitamin D replacement therapy and vitamin D levels before replacement had not been recorded so those 15 patients excluded from the study. Mean calcium level was 9.54±0.63 mg/dl (n = 109), mean phosporus level was 3.54±0.63 mg/dl (n = 94), mean PTH level was 53.69±40.10 pg/ml (n = 53) and mean albumin level was 4.39±0.56 g/dl (n = 78).

In 149 CD patients; 83 (55.7%) were female, 66 (44.3%) was male. Mean age was 40.95±13.41. Mean 25-hydroxy-vitamin D level was 17.35±11.14 ug/L. Mean calcium level was 9.63±0.37 mg/dl (n = 41), mean phosporus level was 3.69±0.65 mg/dl (n = 33), mean PTH level was 43.72±18.29 pg/ml (n = 25) and mean albumin level was 4.48±0.43 g/dl (n = 33).

In 222 UC patients; 103 (46.4%) were female, 119 (53.6%) was male. Mean age was 42.59±13.54. Mean 25-hydroxy-vitamin D level was 17.34±9.81 ug/L. Mean calcium level was 9.48±0.76 mg/dl (n = 60), mean phosporus level was 3.45±0.61 mg/dl (n = 55), mean PTH level was 63.27±51.97 pg/ml (n = 26) and mean albumin level was 4.31±0.64 g/dl (n = 41).

236 (63.6%) of 371 IBD patients' 25-hydroxy-vitamin D level was below 20 ug/L. Ninety-six (64.4%) of 149 CD patients' and 140 (63.1%) of 222 UC patients' 25-hydroxy-vitamin D levels were also below 20 ug/L. There wasn't any significant difference between 25-hydroxy-vitamin D levels of CD and UC patients.


Vitamin D deficiency is a common problem in general population but routine screening isn't recommended. Vitamin deficiency is also a common problem in our IBD patients (63.6%). It's important to diagnose vitamin D deficiency and must give a replacement therapy when it's required.