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P188. MR-enterography in Crohn's disease: DWI-ADC values in normal and affected bowel loops

G. Restaino, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Imaging, Campobasso, Italy


Few studies have so far focused on Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Weighted Imaging (MR-DWI) in Crohn's disease (CD). The aim of our study was to compare the ADC value of the wall of affected bowel segments (ADCp) with the ADC value of the wall of normal appearing bowel loops (ADCna) in patients with endoscopically proven CD.


60 consecutive patients with endoscopically proven CD submitted to MR-enterography at our Institution, where the standard imaging protocol includes free-breathing axial DWI with b = 800 s/mm2.


ADC of the wall of affected segments was significantly lower than ADC of the wall normal bowel loops (1.48±0.058 mm2/s versus 3.525±0.07 mm2/s; p < 0.05), independently by age or sex. Cut-off ADC value of 2.416 mm2/s showed 100% sensitivity and specificity for discriminating normal from affected bowel loops.


DWI is a very promising procedure in evaluating small bowel inflammation and may improve MR-enterography diagnostic performance in patients affected by CD.