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P282. A new patient reported outcome measure: The short Crohn's and Colitis Questionnaire (CCQ) for patients with inflammatory bowel disease

L. Alrubaiy1,2, H. Hutchings1, J. Williams1, 1Swansea University, College of Medicine, Swansea, United Kingdom, 2Royal Gwent Hospital, Gastroenterology, Newport, United Kingdom


All specific quality of life measurement tools in inflammatory bowel disease have been designed for stable outpatients rather than acutely ill patients. We developed a short Crohn's and Colitis quality of life Questionnaire (CCQ) for use in the acute and chronic setting.


The short CCQ was based on the long version that we developed for CONSTRUCT trial in 2010. The questionnaire was completed by the 329 inpatients and outpatients with IBD nationwide. A short form of the CCQ was derived by stepwise regression of all items to select the most important items. Appropriate statistical tests were used to assess the item-total correlation and Cronbach alpha. Construct validity was assessed by comparing it with SF12 and EQ5D.


Twelve items together accounted for 98% of the variation in total scores between patients: sleeping, appetite, energy level, rushing to toilet, being bloated, incomplete emptying of bowels, blood in stool, generally unwell, pain, frustration, nocturnal diarrhoea, and passing winds. Cronbach alpha was more than 0.7 and only two of these items had item-total correlations slightly greater than 0.8, showing that all items added extra information and none had a single response chosen by more than 80% of patients i.e. all items give good discrimination. Pearson correlations of the CCQ with EQ5D and SF12 were around 0.4 which is a good evidence of construct validity.


We have developed a short 12-item quality of life measurement tool for patients with inflammatory bowel disease that is short, valid and easy to use in clinical practice.