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P449. Inflammatory bowel disease patients' partner - how important is their support?

A. Lahat, S. Neuman, R. Eliakim, S. Ben-Horin, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Gastroenterology, Ramat Gan, Israel


Chronic inflammatory disease of the bowel causes significant distress to the patient and his family. Data assessing the need of these patients for support and sharing with their partners is scares.

Our aim was assess patients' view regarding information sharing with their partners.


All IBD patients treated at the Sheba Medical center between 1.2011–1.2013 were asked to fill an anonymous questionnaire. Patients that had a stable partner and that completed more than 95% of the questionnaire were included.


One hundred thirty-four patients filled out the questionnaire, of them 101 were included. 53 were men. Mean age: 45±15. 50% had academic education. Only 42% of patients reported that their partner accompanies them to the doctor. 93% of patients share health problems with their partner. 64% would like their partner to receive more medical information, and 70% would like their partner to be more involved. 88% of patients believe that more partners' involvement can help them deal better with the disease. 70% think that support group for partners should be established. No association was found between patients' demographic data to their answers. Patients that felt that their partner's involvement can help them dealing with the disease tended to share with them medical information and wanted them to be more involved in health decisions (p < 0.001).


Most IBD patients want their partner to be more involved with their health problems, and believe that greater involvement can help them deal better with their disease. Therefore, more attention should be attributed towards better cooperation with patients' families.