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P620. IBD in elderly Romanian patients: epidemiological and phenotypical characteristics


Patients with elderly onset IBD represent a distinct disease category as comorbidities and polypharmacy are more frequent. The evaluation of epidemiological aspects and clinical presentation could provide important conclusions which could impact patient's management.

The aim of our study was to investigate the epidemiological and phenotypical characteristics of elderly onset IBD in Romanians using the IBDPROSPECT Referral Center Database, a web-accessed database implemented in our Country in order to facilitate collection of significant IBD epidemiological data nationwide.


The study group included 1033 IBD patients registered in the database between 2006–


2013. Statistical analysis was conducted using chi-square test for categorical variables. P value <


0.05 was considered for statistical significance.

  • Written by:

    L. Gheorghe1, R. Iacob1, S. Iacob1, R. Vadan1, L. Guinea1, M. Greere1, B. Cotruta1, D. Dobru2, C. Mihai3, G. Stefanescu3, R. Zaharie4, M. Ilie5, M. Jinga6, M. Diculescu1, C. Gheorghe1, on behalf of the IBDPROSPECT Study Group, 1Fundeni Clinical Institute, Digestive Diseases and Liver Transplantation Center, Bucharest, Romania, 2Municipal Hospital Targu Mures, Gastroenterology, Targu Mures, Romania, 3Gastroenterology and Hepatology Institute Iasi, Gastroenterology, Iasi, Romania, 43rd Medical Clinic Cluj-Napoca, Gastroenterology, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 5Floreasca Emergency Hospital, Gastroenterology, Bucharest, Romania, 6Central Military Hospital, Gastroenterology, Bucharest, Romania