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N006 Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)Nurse Advice Line: A Single Centre Experience

M. Forry*

Beaumont Hospital, Gastroenterology, Dublin, Ireland


The IBD standards 2013 stipulate that all IBD patients with concerns or questions regarding their disease should have access to a dedicated telephone service that is either answered or has an answer phone facility providing a response by the end of the next working day, those experiencing a possible relapse of their IBD should have access to specialist review within a maximum of five working days. The IBD advice line in Beaumont Hospital is accessed via an answerphone service which is available 24 hours a day and processed over 1,100 calls in 2013. Calls are prioritised and returned by the IBD Nurse from Monday to Thursday. Patients are educated regarding the IBD advice line at clinic visits.The aim of this audit was to identify the nature and outcome of calls to the IBD advice line.


50 consecutive calls to the advice line were retrospectively reviewed by the IBD Nurse.


Eighteen patients called with either a flare of IBD symptoms or an IBD related concern, 12 patients were referred for urgent Out Patients Appointments, and 2 were referred directly to endoscopy, with the remaining 4 needing only telephone advice.

The IBD Nurse is responsible for monitoring laboratory results of out patients on Thiopurines, Methotrexate and subcutaneous anti TNF medication.

10 calls related to blood test scheduling or were requests for laboratory results.

5 patients called requesting repeat prescriptions for IBD Medication

7 calls were related to administration issues such as change of address/telephone number or queries regarding scheduled appointments, letters of support etc

4 calls were related to medical queries that did not relate to IBD and these callers were referred to their General Practitioner (GP)

5 calls related to concerns such as emigration and transfer of medical care

1 person rang to say thanks for advice already received and to give an update on symptoms


The IBD advice line is pivotal in ensuring early access to specialist service for those experiencing a flare of their IBD. It also plays an essential role in supporting patients on treatments for their IBD. The number of calls regarding administration issues during the audit is noted and an information leaflet outlining the role of the IBD advice line service has been developed.