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N008 Assessing levels of fatigue and symptom reporting of fatigue in patients with Inflammatory Bowel disease

c. walsh*

Letterkenny General Hospital, Colorectal, Letterkenny, Ireland


Inflammatory Bowel disease is a chronic condition which affects approximately 20,000 people in Ireland. It typically affects an age group of between 15-35 years of age and a person can be well for long periods or have repeated flare-ups. There is no cure and treatment can vary from person to person.

Fatigue is a problem associated with chronic conditions and may be underestimated in young people with inflammatory bowel disease. Fatigue can be physical, mental or both and can have a major impact on daily functioning.

Literature on fatigue related to inflammatory bowel disease was not available in the Rep. of Ireland


Patients reviewed by the Clinical Nurse Specialist expressed fatigue as a major symptom. Information on fatigue was not available for patients. A questionaire was devised and patients attending the out-patients department where randomly selected to complete the questionaire which included the Fatigue Severity Score. Fifty two patients completed the questionnaire over a 4 week period.


Fatigue has been identified as a problem for patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Overall 93% of patients experinced fatigue with 58% experience severe symptoms of fatigue during relapse.

Sixty one per cent of patients reported fatigue as among their top three disabling symptoms rated from the Fatigue Severity Score.

38% of patients where asked by a health care professional about fatigue as a symptom and 62% were not asked.


Fatigue is a major problem for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.Health care professionals need to acknowledge fatigue as a sypmtom.

The information leaflet produced in the Rep. of Ireland in 2013 by the author provides information on fatigue and how to cope.