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P047 The presence of primary sclerosing cholangitis does not change levels of gut barrier failure biomarkers (I - FABP and ccK18) in patients with ulcerative colitis

P. Drastich*1, L. Bajer1, M. Kverka2, S. Coufal2, J. Brezina1, J. Spicak1, H. Tlaskalova - Hogenova2

1Instutute of clinical and experimental medicine, Hepatogastroenterology, Prague, Czech Republic, 2The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Microbiology, Prague, Czech Republic


Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is a progressive disease of the biliary tree characterised by inflammation, fibrosis and stenoses, and often associated with ulcerative colitis (UC); condition characterized by leaky gut. However, UC associated with PSC ("PSC - UC" or "PSC - IBD") is described as a phenotype distinct from the conventional UC. Our aim was to compare serum levels of biomarkers of gut barrier damage in PSC-UC, UC and healthy subjects.


We used ELISA to analyze Intestinal fatty acids binding protein (I-FABP) and caspase-cleaved keratin 18 (ccK18) in 74 individuals (38 with PSC, 19 with UC, 17 healthy controls) and 38 individuals (23 with PSC, 9 with UC, 6 healthy controls), respectively. Furthermore, we compared the levels of either biomarker with standard clinical (e.g. colitis extent and severity) and laboratory parameters (CRP, AST, ALT, ALP, GGT, INR).


There is no significant difference between PSC-UC, UC and healthy subjects in I-FABP [median (IQR)] 503.9 (0.0 - 1548.0), 454.1 (0.0 - 747.3), 769.3 (220.9 - 1027.0) or ccK18 [median (IQR)] 174.1 (99.93 - 423.0), 90.08 (67.46 - 205.9), 98.7 (51.05 - 174.7). When the liver involvement is disregarded, I-FABP have a tendency to be higher in patients with pancolitis as compared with patients with partial colon involvement (p=0.07). There is no statistically significant difference in serum I-FABP or ccK18 depending on colitis severity (without colitis, remission, mild, moderate and severe).


Neither I-FABP, nor ccK18 differs between PSC-UC and UC. In patients with pancolitis, I-FABP has a tendency to be higher compared to patients with smaller extent of colitis.