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P250 Validation of the Portuguese version of a questionnaire for the assessment of healthcare quality from the point of view of a patient with inflammatory bowel disease (QUOTE-IBD)

D. Fernandes*, M.C. Nogueira, B.M. Gonçalves, A. Machado, R. Gonçalves, J.B. Soares

Hospital of Braga, Department of Gastrenterology, Braga, Portugal


The perspective of patients on the healthcare they receive has become increasingly important in the assessment of quality of healthcare, especially in chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A questionnaire to measure quality of care through the eyes of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (QUOTE-IBD) has been designed and validated specifically for the English language and culture. The objective was to translate the QUOTE-IBD into Portuguese and to determine its validity, reproducibility and acceptability.


Observational longitudinal unicentric study with 3 sequential phases: 1) translation and cultural adaptation of QUOTE-IBD and assessment of its comprehensiveness; 2) assessment of validity through determination of Spearman's correlation coefficient between scores of the QUOTE-IBD (composed by 23 items that together represent Overall Care and are grouped in 8 dimensions - Accessibility, Accommodation, Autonomy, Continuity of Care, Competence, Costs, Courtesy and Information - which are assessed according to performance, importance and quality impact) and visual analog scales (VAS); 3) assessment of reproducibility through a second administration of the questionnaire to stable patients, at a minimum 4-week span.


One hundred and fourteen patients with IBD (77 with Crohn's disease and 37 with ulcerative colitis) participated in the study. The Spearman's correlation coefficient between the Overall Care score and the VAS was positive and significant both for Performance and Quality Impact (table 1). The same was observed for the dimensions Accessibility and Information (table 1). Thirty-four (30%) patients completed the questionnaire in the second round. The Spearman’s correlation coefficient for Overall Care score between the first and second rounds was positive and significant, both for Performance and Quality Impact (table 2). The same was observed for the dimensions Accessibility, Continuity of Care, Courtesy and Information (table 2). Only 3 items regarding Performance had response rate below, but very close to, 90%.


“Validity of QUOTE-IBD: Spearman’s correlation coefficient for Performance and Quality Impact between dimensions of QUOTE-IBD and VAS.”

ECCOJC jju027 P250 F0001



“Reproducibility of QUOTE-IBD: Spearman’s correlation coefficient for Performance and Quality Impact of dimensions of QUOTE-IBD between round 1 and 2 (34 patients).”

ECCOJC jju027 P250 F0002



The Portuguese version of the QUOTE-IBD is a valid, reproducible and acceptable instrument for the assessment of quality of Overall Care from the point of view of Portuguese patients with IBD.