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P490 Comparative analysis of the cost of maintenance treatment of Ulcerative Colitis with different compound preparation of mesalazine

E. Hinojosa1, M. Aguas2, J. Huguet3, L. Oltra1, L. Puchades2, A. Monzó3, L. Larrey3, M. Mora1, J. Clofent4, P. Nos2, J. Hinojosa*1

1Hospital Manises, Gastroenterology, Valencia, Spain, 2Hospital Universitario i Politecnic La Fe, Gastroenterology, Valencia, Spain, 3Hospital General Universitario, Gastroenterology, Valencia, Spain, 4Hospital de Sagunto, Gastroenterology, Valencia, Spain


Introduction: Mesalazine is effective in the induction and maintenance of remission in patients with mild/to moderate Active Ulcerative Colitis (UC) without significant differences between different forms of release. Maintenance dose varies from 1.5-3 grams/day and cost per gram of mesalazine varies between different available agents.

Aim: Analyze the average cost of the maintenance treatment of remission for one year in patients with UC in relation to the type of mesalazine used.


This is a retrospective multi-center study of historical cohort of UC patients in clinical remission and monotherapy with oral mesalazine.

Patients were included from 4 centers with left side UC/Extensive UC in sustained clinical remission at least for one year before they were included in the analysis. Mesalazine evaluated by commercial register were: Claversal®, Lixacol®, Pentasa®, Salofalk®, Mezavant MMX® and Salazopirina® (SZP). Age, sex, date of diagnosis, Montreal classification in diagnosis, mesalazine/patient dose and gr/mesalazine price were recorded. The global average dose and individual for each compound preparation of mesalazine were calculated estimating cost/day and annual cost (cost/day/365 days). Prices are PVP+IVA (RRP + VAT) and are taken from the General Council of official colleges of pharmacists.


283 patients (137 women), Average age 38.5 (8-81). There were no differences in demographic characteristics, extension of disease and severity at diagnosis of patients in the different groups of mesalazine. Patients medicine (drug): SZP 14(5%), Lixacol 19 (7%), Salofalk 37 (13%), Mezavant 64 (23%), Pentasa 74 (26%), Claversal 72 (26%). Average dose of Mesalazine: 2.64gr (0.8-4.8). Cost/day of mesalazine adjusted to dose(***): SZP® 0.96***; Claversal® 1.28***; Lixacol® 1.70***; Salofalk®2.29***; Pentasa®2.35***; Mezavant® 4.70***. Cost/year for each different analyzed mesalazinas (***): SZP 350.79***; Claversal® 467***; Lixacol® 627.80***: Salofalk®834.07***; Pentasa® 854.40***; Mezavant® 1697.97***.TABLE 1.


1) Medical compounds under different name and label of oral mesalazine are equally effective in maintenance of remission in UC but the annual cost varies significantly depending on the type of mesalazine used.