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N022 Phone assistance by nursing consultation in an inflammatory bowel disease unit: the ability to solve problems

N. Ruiz1, R. Camargo2, G. Alcain*2, D. Recio2, R. Carreño2

1Hospital Virgen de La Victoria, Gastroenterology, Malaga, Spain, 2Hospital Virgen de la Victoria, gastroenterology, Malaga, Spain


Our IBD unit (Hospital Virgen de la Victoria) currently attends more than 900 IBD patients. Since April 2014, April we have been holding a nursing consultation, following N-ECCO recommendations. We have been carrying out activities such phone assistance 2 hours per day (9–11 am) Monday through Friday. The aim of this study is to analyse the number and type of calls and the referral and solving skill of the nursing team.


Descriptive and observational study of the number, type, and resolution of calls in the nursing consultation of our IBD unit from April 2014 to October 2015.


There have been a total of 320 calls from 136 patients. Amongst them, 98 (36%) related to disease symptoms; 68 (21.,3%) related to administrative tasks; 56 (17,5%) related to analytical monitoring; 52 (16.3%) to treatments issues; and 46 (14.4%) others (nutrition and lifestyle). In total, 156 (48.8%) calls were answered by the nursing, and 164 (51.3%) together with the doctor. Further, 247 (77.2%) calls were resolved by phone; 51 (15.9%) were referred to medical consulting preferentially; 13 (4.1%) were referred to the emergency room; and 9 (2.8%) to other specialist.


Phone assistance in IBD patients is an essential tool in the management of the disease. Practitioner nurses’ presence in our IBD unit resolved a high percentage of calls. Phone assistance offers agile communication, prevents movement of patients, and ensures proper orientation.