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N025 Topical administration infliximab: role of nursing

N. Parrilla Galdon*1, L. Oltra Camps1, E. Hinojosa del Valle1, M. Mora Escrig1, J. Hinojosa del Val2

1Hospital Manises, Unit IBD, Manises, Valencia, Spain, 2Hospital Manises, digestive medicine service head unit. Inflammatory bowel disease unit responsible, Manises, Valencia, Spain


Within the E. Crohn, know that you can take 3 patterns, inflammatory, stenotic, and fistulising, but mainly in the stenosing pattern where biological therapy, in this case the infliximab (IFX), does not have the expected effect, changing from therapy, and in some cases it is associated IFX, but topically, that is intralesionally.

This technique is developed in the cabinet of endoscopy, where nursing is a key part of this process, and we developed a protocol for any nurse who is in the unit and knows how this drug should be administered because nursing is aware of the administration IFX intravenously, but few know intralesionally manage.


Perform a standardised management IFX in the endoscopy unit by nursing protocol.

Optimise patient care given to providing security and efficiency throughout the procedure.

Implement the protocol by nursing unit and spread in clinical nursing sessions at Manises Hospital.


We met the 3 nurses in the unit, along with the assistant, and established a protocol for this technique. Once we had the outline talk to the pharmacy to see which way we were going to organize, being that drug is prepared in pharmacy, and then we dispense. We define, first the circuit to be followed by the patient, and secondly the technical equipment necessary to perform the art with the description of the same. After completing this process, the protocol to the hospital teaching committee was presented, giving the same official format, and was disclosed in a clinical nursing sessions of the hospital, so that not only nurses of the unit inflammatory bowel disease/Endoscopy was known, but the rest of the hospital staff was part of it too.


Knowledge of the steps to perform both technical and administrative assistance

Topical administration of IFX safely and in a standardized way by the nurses.


Implement a standardised and notarised form of art, to provide quality care.

Safely perform the technique.