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N819 Analysis of the role of nursing in a IBD unit

Ruiz N., Camargo R., Alcain G., Carreño R., Recio D.

Hospital Virgen de La Victoria, Department of Gastroenterology, Malaga, Spain


Our IBD unit (Hospital Virgen de la Victoria) currently attends more than 900 IBD patients. Since 2014, april we've been holding a nursing consultation following N-ECCO recommendations.

Developed activities:

Phone assistance.

Education of IBD after diagnosis.

Education health biological treatment.

Pediatric Transition.

Analytical monitoring of stable patients on treatment with azathioprine.

The main objective of the study has been focused on the analysis of the activity developed by IBD nurse during its initial stage.


Descriptive and observational study of Activities of nursing consultation of our IBD unit Since 2014 April to 2016 November.


There have been a total of 374 calls from 161 patients.

186 (49.7%) calls were answered by the nurse and 188 (50.3%) together with the doctor.

295 (78.9%) calls were resolved by phone, 55 (14.7%) were referred to medical consulting preferentially, 15 (4.0%) were referred to emergency room and 9 (2.4%) to other specialist.

IBD nurse has attended 25 first visits after diagnosis of the disease, 28 Blood tests monitoring of patients under treatment with azathioprine, 23 follow-up blood tests for monitoring the adverses effets of treatments, 29 health education visits of patients with biological treatments and 8 pediatric transition visits.


Telephone attention is the most demanded, improving accessibility and communication with patients by providing a bypass circuit when necessary, guiding the patient in the most appropriate way.

The presence in our unit of an advanced nurse has allowed the realization of different activities aimed at the education and management of IBD allowing the continuity of care in the follow-up of patients with IBD.