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P074 Autoimmunity against type IV collagen in ulcerative colitis

D. Abdulganieva*1, D. Mukhametova1, O. Zinkevich2, N. Safina2, M. Koporulina2, A. Odintsova3

1Kazan State Medical University, Hospital therapy, Kazan, Russian Federation, 2Kazan State Medical Academy, Kazan, Russian Federation, 3Republican Clinical Hospital, Kazan, Russian Federation


Immunological disorders play an important role in the pathogenesis of ulcerative colitis (UC). IV collagen is a type of collagen found primarily in the basal lamina It can be assumed that the immune disorders leading to the production of autoantibodies to collagen play a role in the pathogenesis of UC. The aim was to study the level of IgM and IgG to type IV collagen (COL) in UC.


We prospectively included 61 patients with UC and 30 healthy controls. Mean age in UC was 37 ± 1.5 years and in control group 30 ± 1.5. Severity of UC was assessed by Mayo score: remission, 5; mild, 25; moderate, 26; severe, 5. Level of serum IgM and IgG to COL4 was assessed by enzyme immunoassay.


In active UC levels of IgM to COL4 was increased (0.32 [0.21; 0.55] mkg/ml; р < 0.001) and in remission (0.42 [0.19; 0.42] mkg/ml; р< 0.05) compared with healthy (0.13 [0.12; 0.15] mkg/ml). The difference between remission and exacerbation was not detected (p >0.05). In patients with severe UC IgM to COL4 was 0.45 [0.42; 0.87] mkg/ml, which was higher than in moderate UC 0.29 [0.17; 0.52] mkg/ml (р > 0.05) and mild 0.32 [0.22; 0.55] mkg/ml (p > 0.05). The level of IgG to COL4 in active UC (16,92 [11,11; 49.64] mkg/ml; р < 0.01) and in remission (81.95 [55.99; 220.43] mkg /ml; р < 0.001) were higher than in the control group 11,16 [9.39; 13,1] mkg/ml. In patients with severe UC IgM to COL4 was 18.1 [7.93; 29.35] mkg/ml, which was higher than in moderate UC 15,82 [10.34; 29.47] mkg/ml (p > 0.05) and mild 12.1 [8.6; 23,29] mkg/ml (p > 0.05).

There was increasing of ESR (r = 0.38; p < 0.05) and leukocytosis (r = 0.42; p < 0.05) with increase of IgM level to COL4.


In active UC the level of serum antibodies of class IgM and IgG to COL4 increased compared with healthy. The maximum increase was found in the group of patients with severe relapse