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P107 Value of faecal biomarkers are affected by extension of inflammation in ulcerative colitis

N. Nemoto*1, A. Sakuraba2, R. Ozaki2, T. Sato2, S. Tokunaga2, O. Kikuchi2, S. Minowa2, O. Ikezaki2, T. Mitsui2, M. Miura2, D. Saito2, M. Hayashida2, M. Yoneyama3, H. Mori2, H. Ohnishi4, T. Hisamatsu2

1Kyorin University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan, 2Kyorin University School of Medicine, The Third Department of Internal Medicine, Tokyo, Japan, 3Kyorin University Hospital, Central Clinical Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan, 4Kyorin University School of Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Tokyo, Japan


Faecal biomarkers are non-invasive markers of inflammation activity in patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) and reflect intestinal inflammation activity. However, whether disease extension affects the value of faecal biomarkers has not been fully investigated. In the present study, to identify the effect of disease extension on faecal biomarkers we assessed the correlation between faecal biomarkers and endoscopic activity in each inflammatory location type.


We conducted a retrospective observational study. 108 UC patients from February 2017 to March 2018 in Kyorin University hospital who underwent faecal biomarkers test within 2 months of colonoscopy were studied. Faecal calprotectin level (FC), faecal lactoferrin level (FL) and faecal immunochemical test (FIT) were measured simultaneously in the same sample. We examined the correlation between Mayo Endoscopic Subscore (MES), and faecal biomarkers in inflammatory location of Montreal classification (proctitis, left sided colitis, total colitis). Correlation was analysed using the Spearman’s rank correlation index (SPSS).


In all cases, all faecal biomarkers were correlated with MES (FC: ρ = 0.645, p < 0.001, FIT: ρ = 0.627, p < 0.001, FL: ρ = 0.646, p < 0.001). In proctitis, all faecal biomarkers were not correlated with MES (FC: ρ = 0.148, p = 0.613, FIT: ρ = 0.542, p < 0.045, FL: ρ = 0.342, p < 0.231). On the other hand, in left colitis and total colitis, all faecal biomarkers were correlated with MES (FC: ρ = 0.554, p < 0.001, FIT: ρ = 0.736, p < 0.001, FL: ρ = 0.567, p < 0.001 and FC: ρ = 0.741, p < 0.001, FIT: ρ = 0.563, p < 0.001, FL: ρ = 0.713, p < 0.001). The correlation coefficients of FC and FL were higher in pancolitis than in left sided colitis (Table 1).

ProctitisLeft-sided colitisPancolitisAll cases
FC (μg/g)0.148, p = 0.6130.554, p < 0.0010.741, p < 0.0010.645, p < 0.001
FIT (ng/ml)0.542, p = 0.0450.736, p < 0.0010.563, p < 0.0010.627, p < 0.001
FL (μg/g)0.342, p = 0.2310.567, p < 0.0010.713, p < 0.0010.646, p < 0.001

Spearman’s rank correlations between faecal biomarkers and MES by extension of inflammation.


Faecal biomarkers showed correlation satisfactory in overall patients, except for in proctitis patients. These results suggested that value of faecal biomarkers is affected by extension of inflammation.