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P215 The mean platelet volume compared with other serum biomarkers: is it predictive of activity of Crohn’s disease?

H. Ben Jeddi*1, H. Kchir1, A. Hassine1, D. Issaoui1, H. Chaabouni1, N. Maamouri1

1La Rabta Hospital, Gastroenterology B, Tunis, Tunisia


During Crohn's disease (CD), several serum markers are non-invasive means of assessing the activity of the disease. Recently several studies have suggested that mean platelet volume (MPV) varies during CD potentially constituting a marker of disease activity. The aim was to study the variation of MPV in patients with remission and those having an active disease and the correlation with other indices of disease activity.


We retrospectively collected consecutive patients hospitalised for MC from 2008 to 2018. Crohn’s Disease Activity Index (CDAI), MPV, neutrophils, lymphocytes, albumin, and CRP levels were recorded. We calculated neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio (NLR), platelet/lymphocyte ratio (PLR) and platelet/albumin ratio (PAR). PAR = (platelets/albumin) 100.


Seventy-four patients were collected. There were 33 men (45%) and 41 women (55%) The sex ratio was 0.8. The mean age was 41 years ± 14.1 [14–79]. The location was ileal, colonic, and ileocolic in, respectively, 22%, 22%, and 56%. Upper location was found in 7% of patients. Anoperineal lesions were detected in 40% of cases. The CD had inflammatory, stricturing, and penetrating behaviour in, respectively, 39%, 22%, and 23%. The disease was both stricturing and penetrating in 16%. Sixty-six per cent of patients were treated. The treatment was salicylates, azathioprine, anti-TNF-α, and combination therapy in, respectively, 15%, 32%, 6%, and 14%. These patients were divided into two groups according to the activity of the disease. There was no significant difference between these groups in age and sex. Fifty-two per cent of the patients were in remission with a mean CDAI of 79.2 [28–142], the mean CRP was 4.5 mg/l. Mean platelet, lymphocyte, and neutrophil counts were, respectively, 287605, 1803, and 3962. The mean value of the MPV was 10.07 FL [6.7–11.4]. Forty-four per cent of the patients had active disease. The activity was minimal, moderate, and severe at, respectively, 17%, 23%, and 4%. Mean CDAI was 247 (range 152–523), mean CRP was 73.6 mg/l, mean platelet, lymphocyte, and neutrophil levels were, respectively, 404000/mm3; 1698/mm3 and 5756/mm3. The mean value of the MPV was 9.68 FL [7–12.7]. MPV was not significantly associated with CD activity. CRP and platelets were associated with activity with respective p of 0.0001 and 0.004. The NLR, the PLR, and the PAR were associated with active CD with respective p of 0.004, 0.014, and 0.0001. The predictive value of CRP and platelet accounts activity were, respectively, 65.4 mg/l and 366582/mm3. Predictive NLR, PRL, and PAR rates of the activity were, respectively, 1.57, 329.6, and 57.6.


The MPV was not predictive of activity of CD. Other biomarkers such as NLR, PLR and PAR had significant correlation with it.