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P248 Correlation of faecal calprotectin levels and sonographic measurements in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases

A. Les*1, R. Costache1, L. Gheorghe1, C. Gheorghe1

1Fundeni Clinical Institute, Gastroenterology, Bucharest, Romania


Bowel ultrasound is becoming an useful tool in managing inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Sonographic measurements superpose with endoscopic findings and other imagistic methods (MRI, CT). Faecal calprotectin level correlates significantly with endoscopic disease activity in IBD and the test is useful in clinical practice for assessment of endoscopic activity and remission.


32 IBD patients were included in the study (2 diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, 30 with Crohn’s disease). Diagnosis was established endoscopically and histologically and both patients with active and inactive disease were included. Patients with other causes of inflammatory syndrome were excluded (Clostridium Difficile and viral infections). Patients were prospectively evaluated sonographically using a 4–8 MHz micro-convex transducer. The examiner was blinded to biological data. Patient were examined in supine position with no special preparation before. For each subject, three sonographic measurements of bowel wall thickness were noted and the preserved stratification of the intestinal wall was assessed. The sonographic measurements were noted in the corresponding regions according to endoscopic observations. Mean value of BWT was calculated. Faecal calprotectin levels were obtained for each patient.


A strong correlation was observed for the three measurements of the bowel wall thickness ( Spearman’s equation, r = 0.720, r = 0.740 and r = 0.750, p < 0.001) and the value of the faecal calprotectin. A mean calculated value of the 3 measurements of BWT was correlated strong with the level of calprotectin too (r = 0.749, p < 0.001). The observation that the higher the value of the faecal calprotectin the greater the disturbance of the wall stratification ( CI 95% [−610.6 −251.3], p < 0.001) suggested a relationship between the presence of a stratified wall appearance and calprotectin levels.


Sonographic findings (BWT and bowel stratification) strongly correlates with faecal calprotectin making this two associated tests an useful tool in IBD patients management.