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P808 Prevalence and risk factors of cholelithiasis in patients with Crohn’s disease

I. Sturdik*1, A. Krajcovicova1, Z. Vrablicova1, Y. Jalali1, R. Decka1, V. Cernotova1, J. Toth1, T. Koller1, M. Huorka1, T. Hlavaty1

1University Hospital Bratislava, 5th Department of Internal Medicine, Bratislava, Slovakia


In thus far published literature, the cholelithiasis in patients with Crohn’s disease (CD) is twice more frequent than in the general population. The reason for this difference has not been satisfactorily explained. The aim of our study was to determine the prevalence of cholelithiasis in CD patients, to compare prevalence with a control group and to analyse the risk factors of cholelithiasis.


The study was a monocentric retrospective case–control and was conducted at the IBD Center of the 5th Department of Internal Medicine in Bratislava. The CD patients who underwent abdominal ultrasound from January 2007 to January 2018 were involved into the study. The control group consisted of non-CD patients paired in 1: 1 ratio based by age and gender. The statistical analysis was performed in SPPS software.


The study included 238 CD patients and 238 controls. The prevalence of cholelithiasis in CD group was 12.6% and 9.2% in control group (RR 1.36, p = 0.24). In the univariate analysis, we observed cholelithiasis association with multiple risk factors such as - age, age at CD diagnosis, inflammatory vs. aggressive disease behaviour, duration of disease, abdominal resection, number of intestinal resections, length of ileal resection, number of corticosteroid treatments, hospitalisations and total parenteral nutritions. The age (OR 1,077, 95% CI 1,043–1,112, p < 0.001) and the number of total parenteral nutrition (OR 1,812 95% CI 1,131–2,903, p = 0.013) were determined as independent risk factors for cholelithiasis in CD patients by multi-variate analysis.


The prevalence of cholelithiasis in our CD patient population reached 12.6%, which was not significantly higher than in the control group. We identified 2 independent risk factors of cholelithiasis in CD patients - age and number of parenteral nutrition.