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In its aim to foster transparency, ECCO has diligently maintained a disclosure policy of potential conflicts of interests (CoI) for several years: ECCO Guidelines manuscripts cannot be submitted for publication without all authors having submitted their CoI Forms.

As ECCO experts are increasingly involved in several activities such as the ECCO Congress, Workshops, Guidelines, or other projects, including publications of papers in JCC (Journal of Crohn’s & Colitis) throughout one year, ECCO now collects one completed CoI form from experts in line with the respective Congress business year (updated every autumn). These forms are publically accessible through the ECCO website – showing the “2012-2013 ECCO Annual Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest”.

CoverTemplate AnaemiaGL

ECCO Anaemia Consensus (2015)

The aim of this consensus is establish up-to-date standards for the diagnosis, follow-up and management of anemia in IBD patients with a special focus on iron deficiency anemia in IBD.






JCC Cover Reproduction and Pregnancy GLECCO Reproduction and Pregnancy Consensus (Edition 2015)

The ECCO Consensus guidelines on the diagnosis and management of IBD are regularly updated. This updated consensus paper addresses these issues and is aimed to optimize preconceptional counseling in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and to promote a European perspective on the management of pregnancy in patients with IBD and its dilemmas.






MASTER ECCOJC 9 1 Cover no adECCO Consensus on Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis

The goal of this consensus was to establish European consensus guidelines for the surgical treatment of Ulcerative Colitis.






MASTER JCC Cover Paed CD GLECCO-ESPGHAN Consensus Paediatric CD

The aim of this consensus is to establish standards for the management of Pediatric CD. All treatment aspects will be considered, induction as well as maintenance therapy, nutritional treatment approaches as well as the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, immunosuppressors, or biologics.






JCC Cover OIGuidelines 2014ECCO Opportunistic Infections (OI) Consensus (Edition 2014)

ECCO Supplementary material

ECCO (OI) Consensus Checklist (Edition 2014)






MASTER JCC Cover Vol8 Issue1 incl Paed UC excerptECCO-ESPGHAN Paediatric Ulcerative Colitis Consensus (2012) - Excerpt

ECCO-ESPGHAN Paediatric Ulcerative Colitis Consensus (2012) – Full Guideline

The aim of this new consensus is to establish standards for the diagnosis and management of Paediatric UC. It will include the use of immunosuppressors and biologics.





EndoscopicGL JCCCoverMASTERECCO Endoscopy Consensus (2013)

The aim of this new consensus is to establish standards for the diagnosis, follow-up and surveillance in IBD, including the differential diagnosis of other colitides.






Histopathology Consensus JCC 7-10 150x200pxECCO-ESP Histopathology Consensus (2013)

The aim of this new consensus is to establish standards for diagnosis and pathological procedures in IBD and other colitides, such as lymphocytic and collagenous Colitis and variants, indeterminate, unclassified Colitis and infectious Colitis related to IBD. ESP Logo






N-ECCO Consensus image JCC 7-9 150x200pxN-ECCO Consensus statements on the European nursing roles in caring for patients with CD or UC (2013)

The N-ECCO Consensus provides clarity on the different nursing roles in caring for patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis within Europe. The intention is to identify the position of IBD nurses and provide a consensus on the ideal standard of nursing care that patients with IBD can expect, irrespective of level of training or title.





Imaging consensus image JCC 7-7 150x200pxECCO-ESGAR Consensus on Imaging techniques for assessment of IBD (2013)

The ECCO-ESGAR Consensus on Imaging techniques for assessment of IBD establishes standards for the use of cross-sectional imaging techniques in IBD. Imaging will include MRI, CT and US but not endoscopy or capsule endoscopy, even though these investigations will be at the background of all discussions.ESGAR-Logo-RGB





UC consensus image JCC 7-1 150x200px

Ulcerative Colitis (UC) Consensus Part 1 - Definitions and diagnosis (2012)

Ulcerative Colitis (UC) Consensus Part 2 - Current management (2012)

Ulcerative Colitis (UC) Consensus Part 3 - Special situations (2012)





CD  consensus image JCC 4-1 150x200pxCrohn's Disease (CD) Consensus Part 1 - Current management (2010)

Crohn's Disease (CD) Consensus Part 1 - Corrigendum (2010)

Crohn's Disease (CD) Consensus Part 2 - Definitions & diagnosis (2010)

Crohn's Disease (CD) Consensus Part 3 - Special situations (2010)






(2010)Reproduction consensus image JCC 4-5 150x200px Reproduction and Pregnancy Consensus (Edition 2010)









OMED-ECCO Consensus on small bowel endoscopy (Edition 2009)



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