Published ECCO Topical Reviews

In its aim to foster transparency, ECCO has diligently maintained a disclosure policy of potential conflicts of interests (CoI) for several years: ECCO Topical Review manuscripts cannot be submitted for publication without all authors having submitted their CoI Forms.

As ECCO experts are increasingly involved in several activities such as the ECCO Congress, Workshops, Guidelines, or other projects, including publications of papers in JCC (Journal of Crohn’s & Colitis) throughout one year, ECCO now collects one completed CoI form from experts in line with the respective Congress business year (updated every autumn). These forms are publically accessible through the ECCO website – showing the “ECCO Annual Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest”.


Published ECCO Topical Reviews


JCC Cover 01 2018

2016-2017 Topic : European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation Topical Review on Exit Strategies in IBD






JCC Cover NutritionTR

2016-2017 Topic : Research Gaps in Diet and Nutrition in IBD






EIM Cover

2016-2017 Topic : Transitional Care in IBD





2016 11 22 JCC TR IBD inElderly ProvCOVER

2015-2016 Topic : Environmental Factors in IBD





JCC Cover IBD in the Elderly

2015-2016 Topic : IBD in Elderly





JCC Cover for Aug2016Issue TRonFibrosis

2014-2015 Topic : Prediction, Diagnosis and Management

of Fibrostenosing Crohn’s Disease




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