Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

19th Congress of ECCO, February 21-24, 2024, Stockholm, Sweden


The European Association Council for Continuing Medical Education in Brussels (EACCME), an institution of the UEMS, provides EACCME credits for the attendance at the scientific sessions of the core programme as well as various educational courses.

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The CME credits obtained by the Scientific and Educational Programmes of the 19th Congress of ECCO are these:

19th Congress of ECCO - Scientific Programme 14,5 CME credits
22nd IBD Intensive Course for Trainees 7 CME credits
5th ECCO Basic Imaging Workshop in collaboration with ESGAR & IBUS 8 CME credits
11th P-ECCO Educational Course 2 CME credits
11th ECCO Ultrasound Workshop Advanced in collaboration with ESGAR & IBUS 3,5 CME credits
12th SciCom Workshop 2,5 CME credits
13th S-ECCO IBD Masterclass 6,5 CME credits
10th Y-ECCO Science Workshop 3,5 CME credits
9th H-ECCO IBD Masteclass 6,5 CME credits
9th ClinCom Workshop 3 CME credits
9th D-ECCO Workshop 3 CME credits
7th EpiCom Workshop 3 CME credits

The congress evaluation form has to be completed and filled in online in order to be able to download the certificate. The link to the congress evaluation form will be sent to each congress delegate via email and will be available online at the end of the congress.