5th Basic ECCO: EduCational COurse for Industry

Date       February 12, 2020
Time   10:00-17:00
Responsible Committee   ClinCom
Target audience   Corporate Members & Non-Corporate Members



ECCO Membership 2020 NOT required
Registration fee:

Non-Corporate Members: 750 EUR (incl. 20% Austrian VAT)
ECCO Corporate Members: 500 EUR (incl. 20% Austrian VAT)

  • 5th Basic ECCO: EduCational COurse for Industry
    10:00-10:05 1: Welcome
    Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France
    10:05-12:00 Session 1: Natural history and overall management
    Laurent Beaugerie, Paris, France
      10:05-10:25 2: What is IBD? Patient and physician perspective
    Walter Reinisch, Vienna, Austria
    Evelyn Groß, Graz, Austria
      10:25-10:40 3: What causes IBD?
    Timothy Raine, Cambridge, United Kingdom
      10:40-10:55 4: Diagnosis and assessing disease activity
    Peter Bossuyt, Bonheiden, Belgium
      10:55-11:10 5: Extraintestinal manifestations
    Gerhard Rogler, Zürich, Switzerland
      11:10-11:25 6: Risk factors for complicated outcome
    Shaji Sebastian, Hull, United Kingdom
      11:25-11:35 Question time
      11:35-12:00 7: Role of multidisciplinary team in IBD
    Christianne J. Buskens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Peter Miles Irving, London, United Kingdom
    Aileen Fraser, Bristol, United Kingdom
    12:00-13:00 Lunch break
    13:00-14:40 Session 2: IBD therapy
    Peter Bossuyt, Bonheiden, Belgium
      13:00-13:15 8: What is the role of 5-ASA and steroids?
    Uri Kopylov, Tel Aviv, Israel
      13:15-13:30 9: What is the role of immunomodulators?
    Javier Gisbert, Madrid, Spain
      13:30-13:45 10: What about biological therapy?
    Tariq Ahmad, Exeter, United Kingdom
      13:45-14:00 11: Small molecules and future treatment options
    Geert D’Haens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      14:00-14:15 12: How to choose between treatment modalities?
    Treatment target and individualised treatment options
    Severine Vermeire, Leuven, Belgium
      14:15-14:30 13: How to maximise safety? Cancer surveillance
    Laurent Beaugerie, Paris, France
      14:30-14:40 Question time
    14:40-15:00 Coffee break
    15:00-16:15 Session 3: Medical - surgical interface
    Shaji Sebastian, Hull, United Kingdom
      15:00-15:20 14: Perianal Crohn's Disease
    Willem Bemelman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Krisztina B. Gecse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      15:20-15:40 15: Surgery and postoperative follow-up for luminal Crohn's Disease
    Antonino Spinelli, Milan, Italy
    Gionata Fiorino, Milan, Italy
      15:40-16:00 16: Surgery and pouch complications in Ulcerative Colitis
    Ailsa Hart, London, United Kingdom
    Janindra Warusavitarne, London, United Kingdom
      16:00-16:15 Question time
    16:15-17:00 Session 4: Future perspectives
    Krisztina Gecse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      16:15-16:35 17: The IBD quiz for industry
    Krisztina B. Gecse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      16:35-16:55 18: Where is the unmet need for patients with IBD?
    Julian Panes, Barcelona, Spain
    16:55-17:00 19: Closing remarks
    Krisztina B. Gecse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands