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February 12, 2020  
February 13, 2020
February 14, 2020
February 15, 2020
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18th IBD Intensive Advanced Course
Scientific programme
Poster exhibition
11th N-ECCO School
8th SciCom Workshop
Industry exhibition
7th ECCO-ESGAR Ultrasound Workshop Advanced
5th Basic ECCO: EduCational COurse for Industry
 Digital Oral Presentation Sessions
5th D-ECCO Workshop
Digital Oral Presentation Sessions
5th EpiCom Workshop
7th P-ECCO Educational Course
5th H-ECCO IBD Masterclass
ECCO Interaction: Hearts & Minds
2nd ECCO-ESGAR Basic Imaging Workshop
6th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop 14th N-ECCO Network Meeting
6th N-ECCO Research Forum
9th S-ECCO IBD Masterclass
7th ClinCom Workshop
ECCO business meetings


Scientific Programme

The scientific programme is structured around basic science, traditional medicine and clinical sessions given by some of the world's top specialists. It includes oral presentations of the best abstracts, the announcement of ECCO Fellowships and Grants and summary presentations of new ECCO Guidelines.
Scientific sessions will be held Thursday to Saturday, February 13-15, 2020. No parallel sessions are scheduled. The congress registration fee includes access to all scientific sessions.

Highlights of the Scientific programme:

  • Hot debates in IBD
  • When location makes the difference
  • Reducing the burden of IBD
  • IBD out of the gut
  • Cartels in IBD
  • ECCO Fellowships and Grants
  • Basic Science: Big data research
  • IBD Horizons
  • Multidisciplinary cases
  • What have we got outside our box of drugs?
  • ECCO Lecture

Educational Programme

The educational programme of the 15th Congress of ECCO is scheduled prior to the official start of the ECCO Congress. It covers activities for ECCO's different interest groups including young gastroenterologists, surgeons, paediatricians, IBD nurses and allied health professionals and scientists.

  • 2nd ECCO-ESGAR Basic Imaging Workshop
  • 5th Basic ECCO: EduCational COurse for Industry
  • 5th EpiCom Workshop
  • 5th H-ECCO IBD Masterclass
  • 5th D-ECCO Workshop
  • 6th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop
  • 6th N-ECCO Research Forum
  • 7th P-ECCO Educational Course
  • 7th ClinCom Workshop
  • 7th ECCO-ESGAR Ultrasound Workshop Advanced
  • 8th SciCom Workshop
  • 9th S-ECCO IBD Masterclass
  • 11th N-ECCO School
  • 14th N-ECCO Network Meeting
  • 18th IBD Intensive Advanced Course

Preliminary programmes of the educational as well as the scientific programme are now available.
Online registration for the educational activities will open in Spring 2019.