5th EpiCom Workshop

Date       February 12, 2020
Time   13:30-17:00
Responsible Committee   EpiCom
Target audience   Physicians, Surgeons, Paediatricians, IBD nurses
ECCO Membership 2020 required   Regular/Y-ECCO/IBD Nurse Membership
Registration details   Online registration
Registration fee and further details coming soon

  • 5th EpiCom Workshop
    The Impact of PRO on clinical practice in 2020 and beyond
    13:30-13:40 1: Welcome and Introduction
    13:40-15:30 Session 1: The value of patient reported outcomes measures in 2020 and beyond
                            13:40-14:00 2: Definition, reliability and validity of PROs for clinical epidemiology?
    14:00-14:20 3: Using patient reported outcomes to improve Health Care Quality
    14:20-14:50 4: Outcomes meaningful to patients in IBD drug development
    14:50-15:00 5: Value of PROs: Perspective of EpiCom workshop participants
    15:00-15:30 6: Interactive session: Implementation of PROs - Part I
    15:30-15:50 Coffee break  
    15:50-16:50 Session 2: Implementation of PRO in daily practise and research
    16:00-16:20 7: Interactive session: Implementation of PROs - Part II
    16:20-16:50 8: The PROmise of remote monitoring tools in IBD daily care
    16:50-17:00 9: Take home message & Farewell