6th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop

Date       February 12, 2020
Time   12:30-16:30
Responsible Committee   Y-ECCO
Target audience   Basic scientists, Physicians, Paediatricians, Surgeons, IBD Nurses
  ECCO Membership 2020 required
Online registration
Registration fee: 80 EUR (incl. 20% Austrian VAT)
50% reduction for Y-ECCO, Affiliate & IBD Nurse Members
CME accreditation   3 CME credits

  • 6th Y-ECCO Basic Science Workshop
    Basic science in 2020 and beyond
    12:30-12:35 1: Introduction
     Charlotte R. Hedin, Stockholm, Sweden
    12:35-13:50 Session 1: Inflammation at the interface
    Dominik Bettenworth, Münster, Germany
    Hans Clevers, Utrecht, The Netherlands
      12:35-13:05 2: Gut Organoids: Patients' avatars in the lab
    Hans Clevers, Utrecht, The Netherlands
      13:05-13:20 3: Abstract 1
      13:20-13:35 4: Abstract 2
      13:35-13:50 5: Abstract 3
    13:50-14:15 Meet the speakers break
    14:15-15:30 Session 2: Basic science from bench to bedside
    Charlotte R. Hedin, Stockholm, Sweden
    Christianne J. Buskens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    14:15-14:45 6: Transitional Basic Science Research
    Christianne J. Buskens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      14:45-15:00 7: Abstract 4
    8: Abstract 5
      15:15-15:30 9: Abstract 6
    15:30-16:15 Session 3: Basic Science Research Fellowships
    Mark Samaan, London, UK
    Gianluca Pellino, Aversa, Italy
      15:30-15:45 10: The role of Nlrp9b, a novel NLR member in regulating experimental colitis
    Danping Zheng, Guangzhou, China
      15:45-16:00 11: PTPN2 and TiO2 in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease
    Javier Conde Aranda, Zurich, Switzerland
      16:00-16:15 12: The role of fibroblasts in the pathogenesis of Crohn’s disease-associated fistulas and in mesenchymal stem cell therapy
    Ramona S. Bruckner, Zurich, Switzerland
    16:15-16:30 13: Closing remarks and Y-ECCO best abstract awards
    Dominik Bettenworth, Münster, Germany