Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

15th Congress of ECCO, February 12-15, 2020, Vienna/Austria

8th SciCom Workshop: Similarities and differences in the pathogenesis of Immune Mediated Inflammatory Disorders

At the ECCO Congress in Vienna 2013, the Scientific Committee launched a new educational activity to discuss different scientific aspects. In 2013, SciCom collaborated with DigestScience to offer a workshop on intestinal fibrosis. In 2014, a Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) Update Forum was organised in collaboration with IPSCG. In 2015, SciCom's educational activity was based on cell-based therapy in IBD.

Date   February 13, 2020
Time   08:45-11:45
Responsible Committee   SciCom
Target audience   Basic scientists and interested clinicians



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Registration fee: 80 EUR (incl. 20% Austrian VAT)
50% reduction for Y-ECCO, Affiliate & IBD Nurse Members

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Course Programme


Session 1: Shared pathways – different diseases – similar therapies?, Thursday, February 13, 08:45 - 10:05, Schubert 4-5

Session 2: Prevention, treatment targets, therapy – learning from other immune-mediated disorders, Thursday, February 13, 10:25 - 11:45, Schubert 4-5