GuiCom Mission

  • Foster development and implementation of guidelines
  • Improve the management of IBD in all members countries of ECCO
  • Interact with other ECCO committees to join forces in the creation and implementation of relevant guidelines

GuiCom Activities

  • Regular updating of current ECCO guidelines for Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, opportunistic infections in IBD and pregnancy in IBD
  • Development of new guidelines on imaging, endoscopy, histopathology and management of anaemia in IBD
  • Further development and use of an electronic guideline portal for the development and updating of guidelines
  • Evaluation of an electronic guideline portal with respect to
    development of educational programmes and implementation of guidelines in clinical practice
  • Continuing interaction with other ECCO committees
  • Development of strategies to integrate ECCO guidelines into national IBD guidelines

GuiCom Members

Committee Chair

Glen Doherty

St Vincent's University Hospital Department of Gastroenterology
Dublin, Ireland
Joana Torres

Joana Torres

Hospital Beatriz Ângelo
Department of Gastroenterology
Loures, Portugal

Tim Raine

University of Cambridge
Department of Medicine
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Torsten Kucharzik

Hospital Lüneburg Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology
Lüneburg, Germany

Antonino Spinelli

IRCCS Humanitas Research Hospital Department of Medical Biotechnologies and Translational Medicine
Rozzano, Italy
ECCO Advisor on Methodology

Stefanos Bonovas

Humanitas University Department of Biomedical Sciences
Milan, Italy