The Global REACH of ECCO


The ECCO Governing Board is pleased to announce our new strategy REACH, launched at ECCO’24 in Stockholm, by ECCO President Britta Siegmund.

The REACH strategy is an acronym of five clear goals to shape all current and future ECCO Activities for the next five years, better defining and expanding our mission to improve care for all our patients.

Each year we will focus on one particular goal, starting in 2024 with Equity – expanding the outreach and inclusivity of ECCO Initiatives to nascent IBD centres across the globe. From the Global Friends of ECCO Network to new investments and instruments for international research and collaboration, look out for our new Consensus paper on IBD in Low- and Middle-Income countries and the Global Grant Call of 2024.

In 2025, we shall focus on Attain Sustainability, working towards sustainable delivery of care: prevention, optimal treatment and efficient use of resources. We kick-off at ECCO’25 with the Congress Theme of “Sustainability in IBD”.

Let’s REACH together...

Download the REACH Brochure