ECCO's mission is to improve the care of patients with IBD in all its aspects. Many great IBD research initiatives are in need of valuable input from IBD specialists. Hence, the Governing Board of ECCO kindly asks for your contribution to the below listed surveys. All survey proposals have gone through a strict evaluation process, assessed by appropriate ECCO Committees and the Governing Board to ensure that ECCO Members’ valuable time is well spent.

As a thank you for your participation the results will be made available to you (please send a short email to the ECCO Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

Kind regards,
The Governing Board of ECCO

Published survey results

"The EpiCom Survey - Registries across Europe: Epidemiological research and beyond"

Open surveys


Closed surveys

H-ECCO WG Survey – Quality of pathology support for IBD services:

Project leader:
H-ECCO WG Members : Roger Feakins (UK), Paula Borralho Nunes (Portugal), Magali Svrcek (France), Vincenzo Villanacci (Italy)
Purpose and outcome: The histopathologists of the H-ECCO Working Group have several aims, including the improvement of pathology support for IBD services in Europe. Anecdotal evidence indicates variation in the extent and quality of histopathology facilities within the ECCO area. By completing this survey, you will provide useful and reliable information that will allow the identification of gaps in histopathology services and in related education and research. This should facilitate further efforts to provide high quality pathology support across the ECCO area.

Project start: May 2017; survey closes: March 2018
Results: TBC
Target group: Gastroenterologists
Link to survey: Quality of pathology support for IBD services
Note: It takes 10 minutes to complete this survey

D-ECCO WG Survey - Nutritional care and diet therapy for IBD patients:

Project leader:
Miranda Lomer, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College London, UK
Purpose and outcome: The remit of D-ECCO WG is to promote and advance knowledge and clinical expertise in diet and nutrition for IBD patients. To achieve this, it is important to determine what is currently practiced in terms of nutritional care and diet therapy. This survey will ask IBD teams about the nutritional care and diet therapy that their IBD patients receive currently.  The aim is to survey IBD teams across Europe to gather information on the nutritional care and diet therapy that are provided to IBD patients.

Project start: March 2016; survey closes: April 2016
Results: JCC, ECCO Website, date TBC
Target group: IBD teams (clinical members who see patients) 
Link to survey: Nutritional care and diet therapy for IBD patients
Note: It takes 5 minutes to complete this survey

P-ECCO Transition Survey- from paediatric to adult care:

Project leaders:
Patrick van Rheenen and Salvatore Cucchiara
Purpose and outcome: Currently, there is no evidence for transition from paediatric to adult care. To ensure continued quality of care for paediatric IBD patients, it is important to give guidance on how to best continue care when the patient has reached adulthood.This survey is meant to determine which ideas on transition are most important to you as health professional. Transition is defined as the purposeful, planned movement of adolescents and young adults from child-centred to adult-centred healthcare. Your participation in this is voluntary and your name will not be released by ECCO. 
You may notice that the survey programme will sometimes skip questions. This is premeditated and based on the answers you gave. 

Project start: October, 2015; survey closes: December, 2015
Results: The survey results will then serve as a basis for a Topical Review on Transition.
Target group: ECCO Members, ESPGHAN interest group, Porto group, PIBD-Net
Link to survey: Transition of care in IBD: a survey
Note: It takes 10 minutes to complete this survey

Knowledge of biosimilars in IBD:

Project leaders:
Pierre Michetti, Gastro-entérologie La Source-beaulieu, Lausanne, Switzerland; Silvio Danese, IRCCS Humanitas Research Hospital, Rozzano, Italy
Purpose and outcome: The current level of knowledge about biosimilars evolves rapidly in the medical community. The goal of this survey is to monitor this evolution in the IBD community and to identify current issues elicited by the introduction of biosimilars of infliximab. We thank you in advance to participate in this survey that is completely anonymous.
This survey should not take more than 10 minutes of your time. There are 14 easy questions that you should answer with your current knowledge and a few demographic questions at the end. Please send us your survey results even if you can not or don't have time to answer all questions.
To answer the questions, please select the best possible answer, unless specified otherwise.
Project start: May 2015, survey closes: October 30, 2015
Results: JCC – Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis, ECCO Website, aimed publishing date around UEGW 2015 or ECCO 2016
Target group: Physicians (excluding industry)
Link to survey:
Note: It takes 10 minutes to complete this survey

Defining Key Performance Indicators for the Surgical Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

Project leaders:
Omar Faiz, St. Mark’s Hospital London, London, United Kingdom
Purpose and outcome:
This study aims to achieve pan-European expert consensus on the development of KPIs that will be used to measure quality of service provision in IBD surgery. The objective is to improve quality of care for the IBD patient by developing new tools with which to measure and focus resources more efficiently. Development of a set of KPIs through national expert consensus techniques should facilitate their incorporation into working practice with the ultimate goal of improving the patient experience and outcomes of IBD services, and improve clinical care processes by devising standard care pathway for patients undergoing IBD surgery.
Project start: March 1, 2015, survey closes: August 31, 2015; project end: October 1, 2015
Results: Results will be made available upon completion of the study.
Target group: ECCO Members: Consultant colorectal surgeons and consultant gastroenterologists
Link to survey:
Note: It takes 10 minutes to complete this survey



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