ECCO Operational Board

ECCO Operational Board

OB Mission

  • Assist the Governing Board in accomplishing the ECCO Mission and associated objectives
  • Take responsibility for all operational activities organised in the ECCO Committees

OB Activities

  • Provision of a link between Committees and Governing Board to report, inform, or mediate as appropriate
  • Supervision and coordination of all Committee activities
  • Allow and encourage interaction between all Committees

The Operational Board consists of fourteen regular ECCO Members: Secretary (Chair), Education Officer (co-Chair), Scientific Officer (co-Chair), and the Chairs of SciCom, ClinCom, EduCom, EpiCom, GuiCom, N-ECCO, P-ECCO, S-ECCO, Y-ECCO, H-ECCO, and D-ECCO.

Among others the OB is responsible for all operational activities organised in the following ECCO Committees: