Quality Assurance/Endorsement

ECCO wants to help those interested in IBD education through endorsement based on ECCO’s endorsement guidelines which include: target audience country split, IBD content, multi-sponsorship and international faculty.

ECCO would like to foster quality congresses/symposia/meetings in the field of IBD by putting such events under the "ECCO - Endorsement" and publicising them on this website.

If you would like ECCO to endorse your event, please fill in the pdfECCO Quality Assurance Form and send to the ECCO Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including a draft programme of your event at a minimum 6 months prior to the beginning of your event.

Following the approval of the ECCO Governing Board, you will receive the authorisation to print the logo of the association (which you will receive from the ECCO Office) on your programme.

Please be aware that the auspices of ECCO do not entitle you to solicit industry sponsorship in the name of ECCO. You may use the ECCO logo only for printing purposes and to formally declare "this event is endorsed by ECCO".

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